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Round 2 of Morbidly Beautiful’s first ever head-to-head competition ends October 10th at noon central; vote now for your favorite “Death Games” movies.

This October, in celebration of our five year anniversary, we’re thrilled to present Morbidly Beautiful’s first ever interactive film face-off — letting you vote for your favorite Death Game films over a series of five rounds, ultimately crowning the “King of Carnage”.

Death Game films are films wherein players (or victims) engage in a game (willingly or unwillingly) that may result in their own demise. Players must use their brains, their skills, and every bit of their brawn to outwit not just other players—but the system that created the game.

Round 1 voting, where 32 killer horror films went head to head, just ended. We’re thrilled to announce that the next match up of 16 films is open for voting. Voting for this bracket, known as the SHOCKING 16, contains 16 movies and 8 match-ups. To help you vote, we’ve included a short synopsis, link to the trailer, and streaming instructions for each film.

Based on Round 1 voting, here are the matchups for Round 2:

  • Veronica vs Game of Death
  • Escape Room vs Brainscan
  • Vile vs As the Gods Will
  • Saw vs Cube
  • The Most Dangerous Game vs The Hunt
  • The Belko Experiment vs Ready or Not
  • Death Race vs Punishment Park
  • Battle Royale vs The Running Man

After the close of voting, Round 3, THE HATEFUL 8, will immediately be posted.

Voting for each rounds lasts for one week. Results are immediately available at and will also be posted here on Morbidly Beautiful later that day.

In addition, results will be posted on our Facebook page at, along with weekly opportunities for you to win killer prizes inspired by the winning films. 

The ultimate KING OF CARNAGE will be revealed on Halloween day!

The complete schedule is as follows (note all matches begin and end at noon CST):

  • ROUND 1 (THE THRILLING 32): Vote from 9/26 – 10/3
  • ROUND 2 (THE SHOCKING 16): 10/3 – 10/10
  • ROUND 3 (THE HATEFUL 8): 10/10 – 10/17
  • ROUND 4 (THE FRIGHTFUL 4): 10/17 – 10/24
  • ROUND 5 (THE TERRIBLE 2): 10/24 – 10/31


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