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Black Friday

Most of us may be online shopping these days, but the wildly fun “Black Friday” horror film will have you nostalgic for chaotic days gone by.

We live in a time ruled by technology, and because of the advancement it has made, there’s no need to leave your house. I can buy 99 percent of all things online. I can hire a contractor, order groceries, shop for presents, and even buy a car just by pressing a virtual button.

It wasn’t that long ago that I had to go everywhere in person to purchase something. Do I miss those times? More than people would think. I’m lucky to be the last generation of physical interaction shopping — taking time to research an item before I waste gas for a trip. I’m still upset all video stores are extinct (with the exception of a select few mom-and-pop shops and the Last Blockbuster). 

I haven’t physically been Black Friday shopping in so long. I can’t even remember the experience that well.

I do remember fighting for a lower-than-average branded TV. Was it worth that extra forty dollars in savings? Of course not. But there was still something about the adrenaline rush that I still miss. That leaves me stuck between wanting the old times to come back and currently enjoying spending all my money on useless materialistic items without even leaving the house.

That brings us to our Black Friday special episode, where we’ll be talking about — what else? — Black Friday. This 2021 film boasts an A-level cast by horror movie standards. Some of the all-time kingpins of the genre grace us with an hour and a half of goofy interactions, great gore, and a fun story.

I was left wanting more, not left missing or confused about anything.

I felt the budget for the movie was on par with the result. It’s just a nice feeling seeing Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and Spawn (Michael Jai White) team up with Final Destination and Idle Hands star Devon Sawa to fend off Evil. 

The best recommendation I can make is to stay warm and cozied up inside, avoid consumerism chaos, and pop in BLACK FRIDAY for a lovely, feel-good, festively fun treat this holiday season. 


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