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Watch “Pilgrim” this Thanksgiving for a sobering reminder of the holiday’s blood-soaked origins, and give thanks for how good you’ve got it.

For most people, Thanksgiving is about gathering loved ones, sharing food and great conversation, and getting painfully full. Unfortunately, it may also be a time when you see certain loved ones that you aren’t necessarily fond of. Nothing in this world can be substituted for toxic family members that ruin the turkey parade.

If you’re a little cranky about your family dynamics or how you’re spending this holiday, Pilgrim will help get you in the right frame of mind for giving thanks and counting your blessings.

Most of us in modern society have been spoiled with technology, fast-food joints on every corner, and an abundance of luxuries we take for granted. This film sends a very clear message: quit complaining about minor inconveniences and appreciate what you have.

Also, read up on your history about the real first Thanksgiving. It’s horrific and saddening. 

The character development builds fairly quickly for our main character, Cody. We see a strong character go through so many obstacles and emotions. Her will is definitely tested, and you will be surprised by the outcome.

Peter Giles’ performance outshines everyone else. The entire cast works well together, but he knocked it out of the park. The pure evil he displayed was both unsettling and beautiful in an artful sense. 

If you’re lucky, as most of us are, even your worst Thanksgiving never turned into a real horror movie. And if you need a good reason to be thankful this holiday season, that’s a pretty damn good one. 


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