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We look at the popular V/H/S found footage anthology series, beginning from the 2012 film that spawned 3 sequels and a spinoff.

It’s a regular day. You wake up to make Spaghettios for breakfast, with a side of Funyun toast. You’re waiting on that big break, the call of destiny if you will. You know the distasteful and downright sexual assault show you’re making won’t cut it in the long run.

You get a call. A client wants you to do one simple task: break into a home, steal a specific VHS tape, and leave.

Surely you’d think, this is easy money, right? Instead, you find a shrine of old Box TVs positioned in some sort of pyramid symbolizing an old Egyptian demon lord. Upon further gazing, you see VHS players, tapes, and other accessories scattered around the shrine. Oh, and there’s an apparent dead old man sitting on a chair behind you.

The discovery of the shrine alone would make most people feel unsettled. Then there are the geniuses like these star citizens, who just merely want to “explore” the house and leave without disturbing anyone, and anything. Of course, their idea of not being disturbing requires a certain level of intelligence that mirrors a bowl of beans.

Our “hero” decides to watch all of these tapes on the floor, while the others search for the main prize. Horror after horror, he continues to watch these haunting home videos revealing proof of monsters living in our world.

The tales have a somewhat perfect runtime for each one. You will notice a little theme hidden in the short films; it’s a nice touch and comes together in the end.


DREKCULAS UNDERWORLD is a “storytime review” podcast where your host, Drekcula, takes you on a guided journey of a new horror film every week — from beginning to end. Virtually watch along with him as he narrates each film with plenty of wit, crude humor, and sarcasm.

Be sure to tune in every Friday for new episodes of DREKCULAS UNDERWORLD on the Morbidly Beautiful Network. 

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