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Cozy up for a stay at “The Lodge” where you may find yourself trapped, as much by the snow outside as by a haunted past that won’t let you go.

The phrase “in the middle of nowhere” was tailor-made for horror films. Cover it with snow, a nice lodge, and plenty of trees, and you get this movie. Yes, it’s stated the nearest town or convenience store is only miles away. But when it’s a blizzard outside, it feels like an eternity just to reach anywhere.

The Lodge is quite moody, but the decisions made by the characters are sometimes frustrating.

Speaking of decisions, if you’re seeing another person after freshly divorcing your wife, wouldn’t you want your kids to know the newest woman in your life, even just a small amount? Father of the year does not go to this man after deciding it’s a grand idea to let his young children stay in a secluded lodge alone with a woman they don’t even know.

It’s surprising the kids even agree to this trip, not that they have a lot of choice in the matter. At the very least, they should be questioning their father’s judgment.

Throughout the last ladder of the film, you start to realize why certain events are happening. You’re given a plot to follow, only to have it slowly morph into something different. Unless you’re paying attention, the direction this film takes could make you upset — especially if you are hoping for something truly sinister.

After the big reveal towards the end, things start to make a lot more sense.

Strong performances from Jaeden Martell (IT) and Riley Keough (It Comes At Night) help elevate the film. Though, the chemistry between the father and his kids seems to be lacking. I can forgive it, however, because it sort of works in the context of the film. This is a father who is disconnected from reality.

There’s just something about isolated horror films against a backdrop of wintry gloom, and THE LODGE capitalizes on its setting — an atmospheric film dripping in dread. 


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