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A film that has made waves among a niche audience of indie horror fans, the Spanish sensation “The Coffee Table” will seduce and shatter you.

Show host Carolyn Smith-Hillmer takes a deep dive into a shocking Spanish horror film that will take your breath away — in more ways than one. It may be labeled as a black comedy, but don’t let that fool you; it’s one of the most potent, devastating, anxiety-inducing films you’ll ever see. It’s an extraordinary achievement and the kind of rare film whose memory isn’t likely to fade from your mind for a very long time. Be forewarned, however, you may need time to recover from watching it! – Stephanie (Editor-in-Chief)


Perhaps one of the cruelest films you can watch, The Coffee Table will leave you sweaty, breathless, and anxious.

Editor’s Notes:

Since you’re here, there’s a really good chance you’re a rabid horror fan, which means there’s also a good chance you’ve already heard some buzz about The Coffee Table. It’s one of those films that’s nearly impossible to watch without immediately feeling a desperate urge to discuss. Many viewers have reached out for support and community after being simultaneously traumatized and mesmerized by this film.

After watching it recently, I immediately took to social to tell as many people as I knew about it and encourage them to seek it out urgently (with the caveat that it definitely does a number on you). I simply couldn’t bear the weight of this viewing experience alone.

Little can be said about the innocuously titled The Coffee Table (Spanish: La Mesita deal comedor, which literally translates to “The dining room’s small table”) without ruining the viewing experience. It’s impossible to understand what you’re in for without giving in to the urge to seek out spoilers and know exactly it is what you’re getting into. If you can avoid that, the film will be much better and more impactful.

The film was directed by Caye Casas and written by Casas and Cristina Borobia. You can rent it now on Prime Video, and it’s well worth the small rental fee.

Spoilers abound in this episode, so make sure you watch before listening unless you want to be spoiled. 




The Final Girl on 6th Ave is a weekly show where host, Carolyn Smith-Hillmer, dissects an arthouse/elevated horror film. Each episode includes a detailed play-by-play of the film itself and a subsequent deep dive into the thematic elements and symbolism. Because elevated horror is sometimes viewed within the horror community as pretentious, Carolyn makes sure to use her down-to-earth tone and unique perspective to make these films less intimidating for the casual horror viewer and less ostentatious for the genre lover.

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