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Surprise the horror lover in your life with something wickedly cool from one of these seven small shops, each run by people passionate about the genre.

Still in need of finding that special holiday gift for the horror fan in your life? We’re proud to highlight these seven small shops that aim to please with their passionate and unique offerings. You don’t need a Black Friday or Cyber Monday to score some killer goods from these shops! 


New to the small business game, but not new to obsessing about our favorite genre, Nightmare Fuel offers folks an opportunity to pick up some seriously sought after blu-ray vittles. These titles — complete with gorgeous alternative artwork and thoughtful packaging — are the product of a keen awareness of what fellow collectors would cherish. Nightmare Fuel also delivers a solid selection of slipmats for your record player, along with a fun assortment of keychains derived from the VHS we have come to love. Nightmare Fuel is an intimate but inspired collection that is destined to grow. 

Shop Nightmare Fuel here | Follow Nightmare Fuel here 





In my humble opinion, Quiltface Studios creates some of the best genre inspired work out there. If you love a horror fan who would greatly appreciate unique interpretations via stellar artwork, then don’t skip a beat on checking out the offerings from this cat. You’ll find frame-worthy focuses on some of our old and new favorites, at some astonishingly reasonable prices. Celebrate and promote horror while looking classy with the very talented Chris Garofalo of Quiltface Studios. 

Shop Quiltface Studios here | Follow Quiltface Studios here 




Don’t let the name fool you: Sticker Ghoul has way more than just some of the best vinyl, horror and sci-fi themed decals around. On top of the insane number of stickers available, Sticker Ghoul also proudly produces some nifty flasks, koozies, holiday ornaments, face masks, trucker hats and more; many with FREE shipping (check those details). VHS tapes are for sale as well! 

Shop Sticker Ghoul here | Follow Sticker Ghoul here 




A staple for genre fans in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Cult Classics have hosted countless screenings over the years. In addition to bringing the Valley’s favorite films, artist and host, Victor Moreno, further celebrates these selections with his popular art pieces. Creating exceptional yet inexpensive prints as well as extremely limited, one of a kind, hand crafted busts, hand painted Christmas cards and meticulous matchbook sized creations and more — Cult Classics continues to salute horror with undeniable passion.  

Shop Cult Classics here | Follow Cult Classics here 



A consummate supporter of fellow indie artists, Mitch Rafter and his independent Gore Noir magazine have been helping keep horror print alive for damn near a decade! In-depth interviews, essays, photography, models and artwork are just a fraction of the allure Gore Noir presents to those that appreciate the horrific side of life. Limited edition coffin shaped issues along with full-sized, full-color offerings give gorehounds that love art and the written word, an indelible source of printed mayhem. 

Shop Gore Noir here | Follow Gore Noir here




Handmade horror-themed lingerie is the name of the game over at Poltergeists and Paramours, founded by the uber-talented Ama Lea. When she isn’t photographing horror royalty for the likes of Delirium Magazine and others, she is hand sewing face masks (she donated roughly 4000 masks during the pandemic), creating custom costumes, and constantly challenging herself artistically. One of the most inspiring individuals to follow. 

Shop Poltergeists and Paramours here | Follow Ama Lea here 




Exceptional craftsmanship will be found at Avid Artifice. Always willing to contribute to a good conversation or donate to a good cause, Avid Artifice epitomizes what helps make this community wonderful. You can purchase some incredible pieces of metal work featuring everything from family friendly franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars to  Friday the 13th, The Evil Dead, Saw, The Shining and so much more. You can even build your own Human Centipede… the possibilities are endless with team AA! 

Shop Avid Artifice here | Follow Avid Artifice here 



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