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Looking for the perfect last minute holiday gift for your horror loving friends? HorrorPack has you covered with the gift that keeps on giving!

I’m going to reveal one of my (many) character flaws right now. I’m a professional procrastinator. The holidays are such a stressful time because I always seem to leave all my shopping until the 11th hour. While I certainly don’t advocate this type of anxiety-inducing behavior, I know I’m far from the only one out there who is still scrambling to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. On top of having a long shopping list, you may also have the added stress of picking a gift for that impossible to please loved one — the one who never asks for anything, the one who is painfully picky, or the one who always seems to have everything they need.

If one of those people on your list happens to be a horror movie fan, I’m here to take at least some of the worry out of your last-minute gift-giving dash. As my holiday gift to you, I’m going to share the perfect gift idea that is stress-free and guaranteed to please: a HorrorPack gift subscription.

In 2020, between socially-distant lockdowns and limited access to theaters, movies and home entertainment became more important than ever. And that’s likely not changing anytime soon. Of course, the plethora of great streaming options is wonderfully convenient. But finding something to watch isn’t always easy, and access to a broad range of horror is often limited unless you’ve got multiple streaming subscriptions. Even someone like me, who subscribes to multiple services, can struggle to wade through the sea of choices.

On more nights than I care to remember, I’ve battled a bad case of analysis paralysis. And I often wish someone would just find something great for me to watch — something I may not have ever considered on my own.

This is where HorrorPack comes in.

Not only is it a perfect gift for the physical media collector (there are still plenty of us out there) and those looking to quickly build up their home movie library, but it’s also perfect for those who love the thrill of discovering new horror and getting turned on to titles they may have missed.

I just received the latest November HorrorPack (Blu-ray edition) in the mail so I could evaluate it and determine if it was worth recommending to you lovely people. And I’m happy to report I can, indeed, enthusiastically recommend it. Let me tell you why. First, there’s something so satisfying about receiving a box of goodies and not knowing what’s inside.

Yes, it can be a leap of faith paying for a box of movies without knowing the titles ahead of time. But that’s part of the fun. It’s why Christmas is so magical… all those wrapped presents under the tree and the deliciously agonizing anticipation of what’s hiding inside. With a 3, 6, or 12 month gift subscription to HorrorPack, you can keep that magic alive for your horror friend well after the holidays have come and gone.

While I love mystery boxes, I’ve been disappointed by so many in the past.

They are far too often filled with so much useless stuff that I would never buy for myself and really have no use for. Once the thrill of the surprise is over, I’m stuck with a box of stuff that becomes nothing more than clutter. The great thing about HorrorPack is that you still get the element of unexpected wonder without the worry that you won’t be able to enjoy your items after opening. Movies are always in style, always useful, and always appreciated. Even movies that aren’t quite your cup of tea can be fun to watch and discover — and fun to share with fellow horror lovers.

I watch a LOT of movies. It comes with the gig. But as many movies as I watch, HorrorPack managed to surprise me. Out of the four movies I received in my box, three of the movies were first time watches.

Two of the three films, Bloodline (2013) and Dead Ant (2017), weren’t even on my radar. And if it hadn’t been for receiving them in my HorrorPack, I doubt I would have ever discovered them on my own. The third film, Flatliners (2017), was one of those films I’ve been meaning to watch forever but never got around to it. And the fourth film was a can’t miss classic, The Conjuring (2013) with a beautiful lenticular slip case.

What I think is so great about the selection, besides the off-the-beaten path titles, is the diverse mix of films — ensuring there is something for everyone in each shipment.

I love the mix of the more mainstream/fan favorite titles with the hidden indie gems. I got a horror comedy creature feature with B-movie charm, a sci-fi/psychological horror drama with a stellar cast, a critically acclaimed supernatural ghost story, and a micro-budget/indie supernatural slasher. No matter what kind of horror I gravitated towards, there was something here to tickle my fancy. And being someone whose tastes are quite diverse, I had a blast watching all of these.

I love that they mixed more obscure titles with bona fide hits. The only downside to sending a title as popular as The Conjuring is that many collectors may already own it. However, because it’s such a widely regarded film, it’s an easy title to re-gift and share with a fellow horror lover who may be missing that title or wanting to upgrade.

Each shipment of four titles also includes one limited edition DVD or Blu-ray (depending on which pack you purchase). So, it’s a wonderful way to collect titles/editions you can’t get anywhere else.

With HorrorPack, there are no long-term commitments, and you can cancel anytime. 

You do get a significant discount if you subscribe to 3, 6, or 12 months. But you can also just go month to month and stop and restart anytime you want. The DVD subscription is just $19.99 per month, and the Blu-ray subscription is $24.99 per month. All subscriptions come with free shipping.

Titles are picked each month by a panel of horror movie filmmakers and fans. They are sourced from most of the major studios, as well as the bigger indie distributors like Scream Factory, Dark Sky, Magnet and Full Moon, as well as some of the truly independent labels like Wild Eye and Apprehensive. The selection committee strives to pick titles that the horror community and subscribers will likely enjoy which aren’t currently streaming or in discount bins.

All of the packs are a mystery until unboxing. But if you follow HorrorPack on social media, you can get hints as to what movies may be included in each month’s mystery shipment.

You can easily gift a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription by visiting the HorrorPack website here and choosing between a DVD or Blu-ray subscription. However, we promise not to judge if you just want to gift a subscription to yourself!

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