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This is your chance to dip your hands into a red-hot bucket of blood, and leave your mark on horror cinema forever by supporting “Laid to Rest: Exhumed”. 

Filmmaker Robert Hall is currently in the planning stages of making the screamingly anticipated third Laid to Rest film, Laid to Rest: Exhumed, and he needs your help!   

Horror movie maniacs want a lot. We need a lot. We deserve a lot. Things like stinky leftover butcher guts, garden hoses of blood, kills we’ve never seen before, and tangible photorealistic special effects. All of these things can be done, and they can be done with fangs of steel and spike-knuckled knives.

I first encountered the work of writer/director/special effects makeup artist Robert Hall when I saw his debut feature Lightning Bug (2004). Although not a horror movie, it was a movie about a young and aspiring makeup artist and his domestic trials and tribulations in rural Alabama. Clearly autobiographical, it was heartfelt, passionate, and very moving. All the performances were authentic and raw, as if the actors had somehow experienced the lives of the characters they were portraying.

Laid to Rest

Then in 2009, he pulled a serrated knife across my throat with Laid to Rest. A confidently original and unpredictable slasher movie, Laid to Rest featured practical gore effects and cringingly merciless kills, many of which were never seen before. 

The story was surgical scalpel-simple and precise: one night in the life of a woman with amnesia as she is pursued by a silent but determined and badass killer. Something made me feel very uneasy about Laid to Rest, and it was wonderful. I was truly nervous and didn’t know what to expect next. Not one second of it was obvious or paint-by-stabwounds horror. I loved it. The sickness and splatter just kept flowing faster and faster. A new standard was set. Yes, and hooray!

That standard was not surpassed until 2011, when Robert Hall made Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2.

When watching the original, I couldn’t possibly imagine a movie with human slaughter that was more brutal and evil. Chromeskull proved me wrong. The meanness factor of this movie is high enough to fry flesh. It begins immediately after the original ended — and drags you from there into a bottomless pool of piss and rusty razorblades.

Believe it or not, Brian Austin Green portrays a despicable and bullying shithead who is in charge of the organization that supports the atrocities Chromeskull commits. His performance is incredible. Honestly, he blew my mind. It must have been so much fun to play such a grumpy motherfucker. The kills are even more creative and unexpected. Almost unfathomable viciousness and cruelty.

For gorehounds, this is an extra-whipped cream cherry juice delight. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to keep watching until after the credits. There is a brief epilogue that is so cold-hearted. A hard spiked bootkick to the abdomen. It’s a surprise revelation that leads right into the third Laid to Rest.

I have been waiting since 2011 to see what happens next, and to see if Robert Hall and company can top themselves. 

The time has finally come to find out. Kicking off the anticipation, the makers of Laid to Rest: Exhumed (the title of the new one) have set up an Indiegogo campaign in order to pump some extra money into the special effects, which Hall promises will be the most brutal and twisted ever. I believe him, I trust him, and he’s got my money coming his way.

This is one of those campaigns that truly deserves your attention and support. If you’re able, I strongly encourage you to pledge some of your hard-earned money. Should I beg? Laid to Rest 3 will deliver. I know it will. And I’m positive those who have seen the first two want to know where the story goes from here.

There are some tasty-looking perks designed for every budget and every interest, including those rare Blu-ray collectors, fashionable types, and prop displayers. There are even some perks for those who want to be in front of the camera. I refer, with a great degree of curiosity, to the sinister-sounding $2,500 Party Scene Death Random Kill perk. Additionally, all the campaign contribution rewards have been significantly reduced — so you can pick up exclusive, one-of-a-kind items and even film credits for far less than these unbelievable perks are actually worth.

Below you will find that all-important link to the campaign page. I also urge you to watch the pledge video, because it provides a great overview of Robert Hall’s career (including lots on Lightning Bug and his work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).


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  1. on January 5, 2021 at 5:09 pm
    Novarro R Washington wrote:

    They should make this villan superhuman hard as nails hard as hell to kill , scary as hell never see it coming and historically bloody on all levels for the new year! I mean hell let’s go out with a huge bang this time around and reintroduce the horror genre on a whole new level we have never seen before.


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