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Help Re-Animated Boogeywolf

Help keep the indie spirit alive; Support art, small business, and a fellow member of the Horror community by helping Boogeywolf get back in business.

I recently fell in love with a new Horror shop specializing in killer apparel for genre fans — featuring absolutely amazing, original art. Run by a very talented independent artist/illustrator, Boogeywolf offers some of the coolest and most unique designs around. I’ve purchased from the shop several times, and I’ve always been highly impressed by the quality and service.

I was incredibly saddened to hear about recent events that have caused this wonderful artist to close up shop temporarily.

He recently attempted an indoor studio outside of the Boogeywolf van for the winter. Shortly after getting all set up, his studio was ransacked and trashed. Orders were ruined, screens were cut, and critical supplies — including an expensive iMac, external hard drive, flash dryer (and even numerous personal possessions) — were destroyed.


The senseless crime has made it impossible for him to fulfill orders and keep his business running. After working hard to build up a loyal customer following and generating tremendous buzz on social media throughout the Horror community, this terrible event has robbed him of his passion and livelihood.

Unfortunately, the losses were too great, and he’s unable to move forward on his own. But as I know, without a doubt, the Horror community is the most generous, supportive, and caring community around. It’s full of amazing people who go out of their way to support other members.

Now is the time when we need to band together and help give this very deserving shop a second chance. 

If you’d like to help, you can visit the shop’s Go Get Funding Page and make a donation. You can make a donation of as little as $1, and every dollar helps. The fundraising campaign is running from now until December 15th. Help make sure the holidays are a bit brighter for this brilliant and passionate artist — and for all Horror fans who have come to know and love this very special shop.

Anyone who donates $50 or more will receive a thank you package of specially selected merchandise once Boogeywolf is back up and running. Donate today!


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