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This week in the Horror House, George and his special guests discuss the inventive, Canadian sci-fi thriller “Cube” while supporting a great cause.

In honor of our returning guests and friends from Canada, Film Rage, we discuss one of my favorite Canadian horror films, the brilliant Death Games movie from 1997 “Cube”. It’s a really fun episode in support of a really great cause. Don’t miss it!



Episode 61: “Cube” with Film Rage

This week on the Best Little Horror House in Philly, we’ve got a special event going on! As part of the “All the Horror 2020” event, BLHHiP is supporting the charity drive efforts for Scares That Care by taking part in this virtual podcast festival, with all proceeds going to the charity assisting with childhood illnesses and victims of burns.

One aspect of the festival is the podcasts all working together. So, we reached out and got our first returning guests for the proper show – the lovely Canadian chaps from Calgary, Film Rage, make their triumphant return! But since we’ve already discussed their pick for the best horror movie ever made (Let the Right One In), we decided to talk about one of my favorite horror movies from the Great White North: 1997’s Cube!

We chat a bit about my own history with horror before digging into their Canadian proclivities and who sticks out to them from Canada. This leads into some talk about David Cronenberg, his son Brandon Cronenberg, and his new movie Possessor. We also mention Ginger Snaps and the new slasher Blood Quantum as standouts.

From Blood Quantum, we discuss Jim’s favorite sub genre of zombies, and debate if we’d rather get eaten by someone who was previously a friend or a stranger… a divisive question!

We finally start talking about Cube, including being extremely impressed at what it managed to do on such a small budget, the changes from the original concept and how they improved it, the director’s original short, and the impressive CGI for a movie from 1997!

At the end, we try and parse out the message and where complicity starts and stops in situations like this, and then reveal the true purpose of choosing Cube! You won’t want to miss it!

Before diving into the episode, be sure to watch Cube, available to stream for free on IMDbTV, Hoopla, Tubi, and Pluto TV. 


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