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We begin our tour of US urban legends with a stop in Huntsville, Alabama, for a play date in the infamous Dead Children’s Playground (15 min) (9.6.19).

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Tucked away in Huntsville, Alabama lies a cemetery – Huntsville’s largest in fact. It was founded in 1822, but was believed to be used as a burial ground prior to that. Over the years the cemetery has expanded, and the town around it has as well.

Now, just as we all die one day and our bodies need a resting place, we are also born. That may be a weird segue, but I have my reasons!

Generally kids need a place to play, grow, and have fun, right? We all remember going to the park as kids and squealing down the metal slide (you can hear it too when you read that, don’t lie), climbing on the bars, and swinging on the swings. But your playground probably wasn’t located in a cemetery, was it?

Well, the kids who live near Maple Hill cemetery have that option. I know many of you are thinking to yourselves as adults, “That’s the damn near coolest thing I’ve ever heard.” And you’re not wrong. But what if I told you the playground wasn’t just reserved for the living?

Of course the playground is haunted – look where it is!

Multiple reports have given credence to the swings swinging at night, accompanied by the sound of kids playing and the shouts of mothers calling for their children. The cemetery and playground have gone through many changes over the years, but its location has never changed. Surrounded by rock walls on almost every side, the park is a sight to make even the most skeptical have a second thought.

Its eerie atmosphere and fascinating history makes for a great story, whether the reports of hauntings are true or not.

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