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This week, we explore one of the strangest and most disturbing unexplained tragedies in history, known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident (18 min) (8.16.19).

Dyatlov Pass Incident



Back in 1959, a group of hikers went up into the Ural Mountains to embark on an expedition. Little did they know, something would happen. Something terrifying. Something unnatural. Something that was so horrible, not a single one of them survived.

Of the nine hikers, all of whom were rather experienced, none made it back home. Some were found in the most brutal of ways as well.

Named after the group leader, Igor Dyatlov, the incident has gone down as one of the most bizarre and strangest cases of potential supernatural horror in the history of mankind.

What really happened on the mountains on those blistery February days may never be known for certain. At the time, the investigation concluded that an “unknown compelling force” had caused the deaths of these people, even though most were found to have died from hypothermia.

The other three however? Well, they had a much more gruesome fate, which I’ll go into in more detail in the cast itself. For years, since 1959, people have wondered what just happened.

From Yeti’s to avalanches, and everything in between, people have come up with theory after theory, all of which I’ll look at during the podcast. This is by far one of the most interesting cases of anything I’ve ever come across. And when I heard about it years ago, I’d always wanted to look more into it. It’s the perfect scenario of mystery, horror, and intrigue.

So join me as I look into all the theories and oddities associated with this truly perplexing case from the annals of real horror history.

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