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This week, we continue to discuss what horrors are foretold for us at the end of days according to the teachings of Judaism (23 min) (8.30.19).

end times Judais



It’s still the end of the world!

Last week we tackled the impending doom of our world through mostly Christian means. We went over what eschatology is, what it means, and how it could potentially affect us in the future. Well, as I mentioned in that cast, almost every religion or culture believes in some kind of end times. But when it comes to Judaism, few can compare.

Jewish eschatology has been studied and debated for centuries. And as one of the world’s oldest religions, there’s a plethora of information available. From the second Temple period, to the garden of Eden, there’s so much to talk about. I’m not even completely sure how to sum it up here.

There are varying opinions on the same events depending on the specific belief system. There are texts and holy lineage to take into account as well.

So what does the end of the world look like to people of the Jewish faith? You’ll just have to listen this week to find out!

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