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We continue our tour of the Eerie USA with a trip to Florida — in search of the big, smelly, Bigfoot-like beast of legend, Skunk-Ape (21 min) (11.1.19).


Loch Ness, The Cupacabra, and Big Foot are all very recognizable names, even to those who don’t know that those are all classified as cryptids. But there are lesser known cryptids with names so fierce they strike fear into the hearts of those who dare whisper them. One such legendary creature is the fabled and terrifying SKUNK-APE!

No, you say? That name doesn’t strike paralyzing fear in you and make you want to run away in terror? Weird.

Nevertheless, as silly as the name is, it is a real life urban legend with an interesting history. And, of course, anything with a name like that has to come from Florida, right? The New Hampshire skunk-ape just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Nope, it’s from Forida alright, and it’s one of my favorite cryptids. I’ve been looking forward to Florida since the start of my journey, which I don’t think has been uttered by another human prior to this article.

Okay, okay, enough joking around. The skunk-ape is a humanoid forest/swamp dweller that resides in the vast ecosystem of the Everglades. Similar in many ways to Big Foot, his cousin, the skunk-ape does have some distinct characteristics that set it apart. Firstly, as you may have gathered from the name – it smells. Plain and simple. It’s been described as a wet dog and a skunk mixed together. Yummo.

Surprisingly, this furry friend has quite the following, especially from within the state. And it has even been spotted on film. Maybe. Ok, unlikely, but it’s still a fun thought! Hear more about this odd cryptid on this week’s podcast!

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