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Our tour of Eerie USA takes us to beautiful Hawaii, a place known for tranquility, breathtaking views..and man eating spirits! (16 min) (11.22.19).


Ah, Hawaii! If I were to ever travel the USA in person, this would most certainly be a destination. The sun, the sand, the waves; it’s truly a beautiful state full of history and culture. However, there are certain places in the state that should be avoided, such as an island called Ni’ihau.

Apparently, this is a very plentiful spot to fish. However, as with the good comes the bad. The island, which sits as one of the most western islands, is home to the 7th largest land mass. And it has some rich history beyond the spirits that inhabit it, though that’s really all we’re interested in.

I’m talking about the Man Eating Spirits of Ni’ihau.

The story goes that many years ago several fisherman took a trip there to catch some fish, as the area around their village had seemingly dried up. They knew it was a risk. They’d heard the stories but thought it was worth the risk. They needed to feed their fellow villagers. Brave souls they were, however, not all of their stories end happily.

Hawaii is home to all kinds of unique wildlife and insects that you might not find on the mainland. But the locals, especially at the time of the story I have for you, were well prepared for what they might find. Yet nothing could prepare them for what they actually found. This is the story of the Man Eating Spirits of Ni’ihau.

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