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Each month, we share the latest, must-own Blu-ray releases from our favorite indie distributors — from cult classics to long-lost gems.

Spring is here. And if you think your favorite indie labels are going to take a step back and smell the roses of their success, you would be so wrong. There are plenty of new physical media releases on the horizon to excite and sate the most ardent genre fans. So let’s get to the latest in physical media release announcements.

Cauldron Films

Cauldron Films has a very exciting announcement — the release of one of the most visually staggering, haunting, disturbing movies of 2021, Sator. Cauldron’s release will be limited to 1,000 units, and to residents of the United States and Canada. The Sator – Limited Edition Blu-ray with Slipcase is available for pre-order and is scheduled to ship in May 2022.


After You Have Suffered, He Will Find You.

Secluded in a desolate forest, home to little more than the decaying remnants of the past, a broken family is further torn apart by a mysterious death. Adam (Gabriel Nicholson), guided by a pervasive sense of dread, hunts for answers only to learn that they are not alone; an insidious presence by the name of Sator has been observing the family, subtly influencing all of them for years in an attempt to claim them.

Shot in the Santa Cruz mountains and drawing from his grandmother’s real-life belief in a protective spirit that spoke to her, Sator quietly unspools a story of isolation and dread that fits firmly into the recent wave of unsettling arthouse horror. Cauldron films is honored to release the worldwide Blu-ray debut of Sator, the film Paste magazine named “The best horror film of 2021.”

  • Behind the scenes
  • Director’s commentary
  • Trailer
  • Mini-poster (folded) — limited edition only
  • High-quality slipcase — limited edition only


American Genre Film Archive (AGFA) has made an announcement that I, personally, am very excited about. Pathogen, the debut feature film by Austin, TX resident Emily Hagins, is making its Blu-ray premiere! Emily made the zombie film Pathogen when she was 12-years old and became the youngest recipient of a Texas Filmmakers Production grant from the Austin Film Society. Including Pathogen, Emily has written and directed five features and most recently wrote and directed a segment of the anthology film, Scare Package. The Pathogen – (AGFA and Bleeding Skull) Limited Edition Blu-ray is only available through Vinegar Syndrome and is a limited release of 2,500 units.


Conceived when filmmaker Emily Hagins was 12 and released when she was 15, Pathogen is one of the most accomplished horror movies ever made by a person before they could legally drive a car. A mysterious technology has transformed the residents of Austin, TX into flesh-craving zombies. Armed with a knife, an axe, and many pairs of flip-flops, middle schooler Dannie and her pee-wee zombie squad take to the streets to battle undead parents, teens, and even a toddler. With an impressive devotion to editing and storytelling, Pathogen delivers eyeball gouging, decapitations, and knife fights, along with an endearing perspective that could only originate from a teenager. AGFA + Bleeding Skull! are overjoyed to give Pathogen its first-ever wide release, complete with Zombie Girl: The Movie—a feature-length documentary about the making of the movie.

  • Region Free Blu-ray
  • Preserved from the original digital video master
  • Commentary with director Emily Hagins and Bleeding Skull’s Annie Choi
  • Cast and crew Q&A from the 2006 theatrical premiere
  • Short: Party Killer (2007), directed by Emily Hagins
  • Bonus movie: Zombie Girl: The Movie (2009), a feature-length documentary on the making of Pathogen, directed by Justin Johnson, Aaron Marshall, and Erik Mauck
  • English SDH subtitles

Vinegar Syndrome

Vinegar Syndrome continues to surprise and delight with its monthly releases, and the label’s March package is no different. This March, the collections all come from that wonderful time of the 80s! The fine folks at Vinegar Syndrome are hitting fans with action flicks, zombies, slashers, and 80s rock and roll.

Talons of the Eagle

DEA agent and martial arts expert Tyler Wilson (Billy Blanks) is sent on assignment to Toronto where he is tasked with trying to stop an influx of narcotics into the states. Once in Toronto, Wilson is partnered with Detective Michael Reed (Jalal Merhi) and the two undergo rigorous martial arts training in the hopes of entering a local fighting tournament and getting closer to a well-known drug dealer named Mr. Li (James Hong). After saving Li’s life, Wilson and Reed go undercover in Li’s gang in order to find the evidence they need to put Li away. However, their martial arts training will be put to the test when Wilson and Reed try to take down Li’s syndicate and the two are forced to fight for their lives.

With explosive action sequences and well-choreographed fight scenes, Talons Of The Eagle remains one of the best from action producer Jalal Merhi. Featuring high-octane martial arts performances from Billy Blanks (TC-2000) and Jalal Merhi (Expect No Mercy), as well as solid performances from Priscilla Barnes (Three’s Company) and the always enjoyable James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China), Vinegar Syndrome Archive is proud to present Talons Of The Eagle for the first time on Blu-ray, scanned in 4k from the original camera negative.

  • Region Free Blu-ray
  • Newly scanned and restored in 4K from its 35mm original camera negative
  • Commentary track with producer/actor Jalal Merhi
  • Blood, Blades, and Blanks — a making-of documentary featuring interviews with the cast and crew
  • Original trailer
  • Double-sided poster
  • Limited edition of 5,000
  • Reversible cover artwork
  • English SDS subtitles

Reform School Girls 

The Pridemore Juvenile Detention Facility isn’t just a place for troubled teenage girls to serve their time. Instead, it’s a living hell filled with sexual depravity and violence. Jenny, a fresh inmate, becomes the de facto protector of Lisa, an innocent young girl forced to be a plaything to anyone after her body. Then there’s Charlie, a hardened teenage lesbian who torments her fellow prisoners through brutal acts of sexual sadism. But no one instills more fear in even the toughest girls than the sadistic Edna who, with a blind eye turned by money-hungry Warden Sutter, delights in terrorizing her beautiful prisoners. However, the girls have had enough and things are about to change at Pridemore…

From acclaimed cult filmmaker Tom DeSimone (The Concrete Jungle), Reform School Girls is a sublimely trashy and over-the-top woman in prison/juvenile delinquent classic, reframed for the grimy punk sensibilities of the 1980s. Starring punk rock superstar Wendy O. Williams (Candy Goes to Hollywood), cult film legend Sybil Danning (The Red Queen Kills Seven Times), and featuring a career performance from former Warhol Superstar Pat Ast (Paul Morrissey’s Heat), Vinegar Syndrome is proud to bring Reform School Girls to Blu-ray, featuring a brand new 2K scan along with hours of exclusive extras detailing the fascinating story of how this B-movie masterpiece came to be, that’s every bit as wild as the film itself!

  • Region Free Blu-ray
  • Newly scanned and restored in 2K from its 35mm interpositive
  • So Young, So Bad, So What — an extended making-of documentary featuring brand new interviews with its cast and crew
  • Pat Ast Superstar — an interview with theatrical producer Alan Eichler
  • Ode to Wendy — an interview with author and critic Breanna Whipple on the life and career of Wendy O. Williams
  • Archival commentary track with writer/director Tom DeSimone
  • Commentary track with Queer Film Historian Elizabeth Purchell
  • Video footage from the play Woman Behind Bars
  • Original trailers
  • Reversible cover artwork
  • English SDH subtitles

Hard Rock Zombies/Slaughterhouse Rock

A heavy metal band has been invited to appear in a conservative small town. What they don’t know is that their hosts are in fact a family of horrific and murderous mutants, whose patriarch is none other than Hitler! After being swiftly murdered, Cassie, the only non-violent member of this depraved clan, wills the band back to life. Soon the stuffy townspeople are faced with an unwelcome reckoning as the zombified musicians thrash and maim their way through the community, in the name of grisly revenge…and love!

Without a doubt, one of the most original zombie films in the history of the genre, Krishna Shah’s Hard Rock Zombies is a dazzling blend of horror film and musical, filtered through experimental and arthouse cinema sensibilities. Jam-packed with outrageous song and dance sequences juxtaposed with over-the-top violence and ludicrous plot twists, Hard Rock Zombies comes to Blu-ray for the first time ever, in its completely uncut composite version, sourced from the only known 35mm film elements with video inserts.

Alex, a college student, is being plagued by strange dreams in which a grotesque man commits heinous acts of torture and murder. With the help of his friends, Alex discovers that he has an unexplained telepathic link to a notorious killer who once lived on Alcatraz Island and whose bloodlust extends beyond the grave. When his supernatural experiences begin taking on real-life manifestations, Alex and his friends sneak into the abandoned prison to put an end to their reign of terror, only to unwittingly walk into a bloodbath…

Dispensing with any sense of narrative logic, Dimitri Logothetis’ Slaughterhouse Rock gleefully combines tracks from new wave musical sensations, DEVO, with plentiful gut-busting gore, and touches of humor, all set in the spooky, fog-filled environs of the infamous Alcatraz Prison. This thrill-filled neon-nightmare hits Blu-ray from a brand new 4K restoration of its original 35mm camera negative, with its oft censored gore, fully restored.

Don’t miss this iconic 80s metal mania double feature: Hard Rock Zombies / Slaughterhouse Rock.

  • 2-disc Blu-ray set
  • Reversible cover artwork
  • English SDH subtitles for both films

Hard Rock Zombies — Region Free Disc

  • Newly scanned and restored in 2K from 35mm archival elements
  • Never Say Die — a making-of documentary featuring interviews with the following actors: EJ Curse, Sam Mann, Geno Andres, Mick McMains, Ted Wells, Richard Vidan, and David O’Hara
  • Popcorn Farts and Low Budget Cheese — a featurette with special effects artists Chris Biggs and Everett Burrell
  • From Bit Player to Band Leader — an interview with actress Susette Boggs
  • The Bible of Holy Moses: Watching Hard Rock Zombies Through a Fanatic’s Eye — an interview with author Lucy Hall

Slaughterhouse Rock — Region A Disc

  • Newly scanned and restored in 4K from its 35mm original negative
  • Low-key Horror — an interview with cinematographer Nicholas Josef von Sternberg
  • The Girl That Lives — an interview with actress Tammy Hyler
  • Wearing the Right Clothes — an interview with actor Nicholas Celozzi
  • Lunch Break with Claws — an interview with actor Al Fleming
  • Original trailer


Pieter Fales is a renowned psychiatrist who is unable to reconcile his relationship with his teenage daughter, Alison. Julie, one of Pieter’s patients, is a successful advice columnist in the midst of a messy divorce, who has also started receiving threatening letters. When a black-clad, scissors-wielding killer begins murdering people in Julie’s life, she begins to suspect that her unknown writer and this mystery assailant might be one and the same…

Taking strong stylistic cues from the Giallo genre, director David Paulsen’s (Savage Weekend) Schizoid, is a delirious whodunit headlined by cult film superstar, Klaus Kinski (Nosferatu the Vampyre), alongside Donna Wilkes (Angel), Marianna Hill (Messiah of Evil), and an early appearance from Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), all amplified with a throbbing electronic score by Craig Huxley and presented here from a stunning new 4K restoration!

When Susan was a little girl, she rejected the Valentine of a lovestruck classmate. Decades later, she’s come to the hospital for a routine medical examination. But when her x-rays seem to show something unusual, Susan finds herself trapped in a bizarre medical nightmare, made all the worse as her vengeful childhood valentine, disguised among the hospital staff, begins murdering everyone in his path as a means of proving his undying ‘romantic’ obsession…

With its exceptionally colorful cinematography by Nicholas Josef von Sternberg (Slaughterhouse Rock) and otherworldly sense of surrealism, trailblazing Israeli filmmaker Boaz Davidson’s (The Last American Virgin) sole foray into horror cinema, X-Ray (aka Hospital Massacre) is a slasher like no other and has been freshly restored in 4K from its 35mm original camera negative, allowing its one-of-a-kind weirdness to be experienced as never before.

You’d be crazy to pass up this demented double feature: Schizoid / X-Ray.

  • 3-disc set: 2 4K Ultra HDs and 1 Region A Blu-ray
  • 4K UHDs presented in High-Dynamic-Range
  • Newly scanned and restored in 4K from their 35mm original camera negatives
  • Shooting by March — a brand new interview with Schizoid writer/director David Paulsen
  • Hide the Scissors — a brand new interview with Schizoid actress Donna Wilkes
  • Blood in the Jacuzzi — a brand new interview with Schizoid makeup artist Erica Ueland
  • A Wellesley Graduate — a brand new interview with Schizoid actress Flo Lawrence
  • Ultra Violet Vengeance: The Talent and Technicians of X-Ray — a brand new making-of documentary featuring interviews with the cast and crew of X-Ray
  • Bad Medicine — an archival interview with X-Ray director Boaz Davidson
  • Original theatrical trailer for Schizoid
  • Inside cover artwork
  • English SDH subtitles

Severin Films

Last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite labels has announced its April releases, which can be purchased in a variety of bundles, or individually. For their April releases, Severin Films is celebrating New Orleans 70s exploitation director Jack Weis. Severin is also releasing a cult film from the writers and producers of the Sonic The Hedgehog movies.

Mardis Gras Massacre

With only five films, New Orleans-based writer/producer/director Jack Weis became one of the most enigmatic figures in 70s exploitation. And for his final trashterpiece, Mardi Gras Massacre, Weis delivered a filth-fueled, disco-drenched, and gore-soaked epic of butchered hookers, hard-boiled homicide cops, and a prissy psycho with an Aztec sacrifice fetish that remains a once-in-a-lifetime sleaze experience. Curt Dawson (Blood Bath), Ronald Tanet (Crypt of Dark Secrets), and February 1975 Playboy Playmate Laura Misch star in this “shocking-yet-hysterical fever dream of regional filmmaking” (Bleeding Skull) with a soundtrack by Dennis Coffey and Mike