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We interview the talented actress and producer Tennille Taraszkiewicz about her latest award-winning, dark comedy thriller.

Talented genre actress Tennille Taraszkiewicz adds to her resume by producing and starring in the dark comedy thriller If I Can’t Have You.

What is this Tennille T. Productions film about?

“Psychotherapist Diane’s son is about to come home from prison 10 years after killing his father. Meanwhile, she’s being stalked by an ex-patient, and she’s also dealing with a current patient’s blurring of professional boundaries.”

To celebrate the release of the film, I chatted with Tennille about what made her want to be a part of the project, why she wanted to get into filmmaking, horror movies, and more!

Morbidly Beautiful: What intrigued you about If I can’t Have You and made you want to not only executive produce but also have a part in it?  

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: The original goals for the project were to produce my first feature film, and have an opportunity to create a character/role for myself as a middle-aged woman. My first love is acting, but I also like to produce projects to make sure they get done and done with quality.

Morbidly Beautiful: What was your favorite part to film?  

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: The most fun scene was with Matt Santia (Oliver) in the parking lot of the gym. It was a very playful scene, and the dialogue was snappy. The most intense scene was with Todd Calvin de Pew (River) in Diane’s office. There was a lot of emotion and it ended very grittily.

Morbidly Beautiful: You’re no stranger to horror. What draws you to the genre?  

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: Honestly, it’s a genre my fellow filmmakers prefer to make, and as a producer, it’s got the best production value for the cost.

Morbidly Beautiful: What would be your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?  

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: A hatchet… I could keep it hidden until needed — a small but sturdy weapon and tool.

Morbidly Beautiful: What made you want to be an actor?  

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: I enjoyed the camera as a child but never thought about it until the film incentives were in Michigan around 2010. I was able to get on a big set as an extra to see the behind-the-scenes operations. In 2016, I had my first lead role in a short film. After that, I was hooked.

Morbidly Beautiful: What’s up next for you?  

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: I’m producing my next feature film with DR2 Productions called Chasing the Ghost, and I have a supporting role in that film. There are two other feature films and a SAG short film I’m helping produce and have small/supporting roles in.

Morbidly Beautiful: What’s your favorite scary movie?  

Tennille Taraszkiewicz: I’m a huge fan of the Scream movies right now. The franchise was a huge benchmark and influence for If I Can’t Have You, and I was happy to see the re-quel come out ahead of our movie.

Thank you so much to Tennille for taking the time to speak with us. You can catch If I Can’t Have You on digital and On Demand now!

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