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In “The Coming Dawn Ministry”, Mark Miller and Christian Francis Implore You to Save a Life — and Your Soul — in Day 4’s WiHM Massive Blood Drive PSA.

“We’re back with a brand new PSA for Blood Services for our Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive. We are honored to have a record breaking 30 filmmaking teams come together this year to contribute. So much so that we’ve given them each their own day.” – Jen and Sylvia Soska

It may be Saturday, but the Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive PSA we are treated to today comes straight from a Sunday-like sermon via “The Coming Dawn Ministry.”

A theology shared with passion and blood, created by the incredible talents of Mark Miller and Christian Francis.

Miller, an accomplished writer, editor, and producer, alongside  designer and fellow writer Francis, had this wonderful statement to say:

“The Soska Sisters are leading a charge for change. The Women in Horror Blood Drive is a lot more than just getting people to donate (which in itself is enough reason to take part), but they are also raising awareness and promoting equality — not only for women within the horror industry, but providing a voice for unknown filmmakers.”

The filmmakers went on to say, “This Blood Drive is about community, and expanding that community for the good of the industry — the fact it will may also save lives by getting people to donate blood? Well… the questions should be, how could we say no? #wearewiththesoskas

I really appreciate this statement made by these two fellas, and the Twisted Twins seem to appreciate them as well. The ladies had this to say:

“There are very few people as kind as these creative artists.  Then, if you read their work, you are utterly horrified by it’s darkness. The very best know how to stay in the light but play in the dark. I am very honored that Mark Miller & Christian Francis were kind enough to lend their talents to this years Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive, I am privileged to call them friends, and I am giddily elated at the sights they have to show you.”

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