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We here at Morbidly Beautiful are huge supporters of Indie filmmaking, and we know how challenging it is to get a film project off the ground and up and running. One of the biggest hurdles for any would-be independent filmmaker is securing the necessary funding to bring a vision to life. Fortunately, the rise of crowdfunding platforms have made it easier for low budget films to find an audience. But competition is fierce. If you’re like me and enjoy being a part of helping these smaller, important projects get made, you may sometimes struggle determining which projects are really worthy of your financial support.

Well folks, I have one for you that is definitely worth your attention and any support you’re able to give. I don’t usually become this excited for a project, but this one is very special for many reasons. The project is a short film called LOVE IS DEAD, now crowdfunding on Kickstarter. This is the epitome of a passion project. Writer and soon-to-be filmmaker Jerry Smith has been working on this story for years, pouring his heart and soul into it, and the film centers around a very personal subject matter.

Smith is a very passionate and talented writer who has made a niche for himself in the world of Horror, writing for many of the genre’s biggest websites. He’s been a contributing writer for sites, such as Delirium, Fangoria, and Blumhouse. Addtionally, he is the Editor-in-Chief for the very well respected and highly popular Icons of Fright. This is a man who truly knows and loves all things horror. He’s seen a million or so films in his life, and he holds affinities for iconic Directors like David Lynch and John Carpenter.

This film promises to be dark and powerful. If anyone has suffered from loss and the accompanying feelings of grief, violence, pain, and loss of control, this film will definitely strike a chord and resonate.

From the campaign page:

LOVE IS DEAD is a short film about the emotional violence we can subject love ones to, when love dies. It’s a very dark story, one that features honest dialogue that goes for the jugular. It’s a very personal project for me, and something that I’ve worked on for years, until recently, when the opportunity arose to make the film with great people, all of which love the script and are excited about our “emotional horror” film.

Not only is the premise of LOVE IS DEAD so appealing to me, but there are also some big names attached to the project. The multi-talented and stunning Tristan Risk (American Mary, The Editor) will be starring as Mara, the wife portrayed in Smith’s story. Peter, the husband, will be played by Adult Film star Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson. Adding to the list of talent is seasoned actor Ruben Pla (Contracted, Insidious).

I commend Jerry for making such a brutally honest portrait of some relationships, and I wholeheartedly agree this story needs to be seen. We have 38 days people…38 days to find this worthwhile and determined storyteller the funds he needs. By donating, you can help bring this dark, beautiful, deeply personal film to life. You’ll have the pleasure of knowing you contributed to an immensely powerful film and the honor of helping support a passionate and dedicated member of the horror community. Beyond that, you can score some really amazing perks for yourself, including signed DVDs and photos from Aaron, signed photos of Tristan, and exclusive horror artwork.

Still not convinced? Check out this amazing mood video below to get a better idea of the incredible vision behind this remarkable film. Then HURRY over to the film’s Kickstarter page to donate now and pick up your exclusive perks. 

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Editor’s note: We are so passionate about this film and believe so strongly in Smith’s vision that we are donating exclusive horror prints and custom commissions as perks for certain donation levels. By contributing $100 or more, you can get your hands on a very limited, signed, 18 x 24 print featuring exclusive artwork from your favorite horror film or featuring your favorite iconic horror character, actor or filmmaker. You can even score a one-of-a-kind custom commission. Click here to view some samples of the art you can pick up, along with other amazing perks.

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