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Our staff reviews the female-driven anthology “Shevenge” featuring twelve short stories about revenge and ladies who take justice into their own hands.


Intro by Angry Princess (Editor-in-Chief)

When I received an email from filmmaker Staci Layne Wilson asking if we might like to check out her latest passion project, I immediately knew the answer was not yes…but hell yes! She said, “I think this may be right up your alley,” and boy was she ever right. First of all, there are few things I love more than a great anthology film. The fact that this one happens to be an all female-led anthology of horror shorts on the theme of revenge made it that much more enticing.

Then I read that, as the film’s Producer (and one of its directors), Staci planned to donate all net profits to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund designed to help support women stand up to sexual harassment in the workplace.

After that, there was no way I wasn’t going to do everything I could to help spread the word about this incredible project and make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Shevenge is made up of 12 different flicks ranging from subtle psychological scares to all-out gore. Sociopaths, serial killers, spirits, and avenging angels abound. Karma is a Bitch is inspired by the notorious Michelle Carter, who was convicted in 2017 in her boyfriend’s texting-suicide murder case… but of course, there’s a twist. Gun-toting ladies demand equal pay in Glass Ceiling and they’ll get it one way or another. A murderous mom goes after the bad guys in Hooker Assassin.

Other shorts include For A Good Time, Call directed by Izzy Lee and starring Tristan Risk (American Mary), The Fetch directed by Cheryl Isaacson and starring Kathleen Wilhoite (Witchboard), and Psycho Therapy directed by Staci Layne Wilson and starring Brooke Lewis (Kinky Killers).

When I asked my incredible writing team if anyone wanted to tackle a review of the film for the site, the response was overwhelming. There was so much enthusiasm that we decided to do a group review and let multiple writers share their thoughts.


By Claire Smith

SHEVENGE gathers a terrifying and (as the title suggests) vengeful collection of women-empowered horror shorts.

Centered on the horrors of womanhood, from unequal pay to rape culture, misogyny and other issues, the anthology as a whole is a valiant and suitably terrifying homage to powerful women by powerful women, making it a prime addition to feminist-themed horror.