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This week on the “New Horror Express” podcast, it’s a special Women in Horror Month interview with the talented Jill Gevargizian.

The latest podcast to join the Morbidly Beautiful Beautiful network, New Horror Express is an interview show, where host Scott Murphy (host of the Guilty Pleasures Podcast) chats to the best indie talent the horror genre has to offer. While the show typically focuses on indie directors, actors and writers are often a part of the conversation as well.

We love this show, not only because it is so well produced and entertaining, but because it so closely aligns with this site’s values.

Morbidly Beautiful was founded with the core mission to spotlight and celebrate underrepresented talent and emerging, independent voices in the genre. Like us, Murphy is committed to bringing these amazing, often woefully unsung voices front and center.

Host Scott Murphy is a freelance journalist, reviewer and podcaster. He got into horror in his early teens and has not looked back since. As well as reviewing on New Horror Express, he currently writes reviews for The Wee Review and has previously written for Slimehouse TV, Subtitled Online and The 405.  His favorite horror movie is The Shining, and his favorite horror novel is Interview with The Vampire.


New Horror Express launched in January 2018. I started it, first of all, because I love horror and moreover talking about horror. Looking around at other horror podcasts, as much as I dug a number of them, I realized many looked back to horror’s “glory days” in the 70s/80s, so I wanted to create something that purely focused on 21st Century horror.

Also, I wanted to focus on indie horror. I realized going to film festivals that there is so much great stuff out there that hardly anybody is talking about or even heard of, so I wanted to do my bit to give whatever extra exposure I can to indie horror flicks.

I am excited to be a part of the MB network as I know they are as dedicated to indie horror as I am, and they have done such a fine job of promoting my spin-off show The Guilty Pleasures Podcast.


NHE host Scott Murphy chats to writer/director Jill Gevargizian about her debut feature The Stylist. This film is not only a vicious slasher but also a soul-crushing portrayal of anxiety (in the best way!).

In the interview (beginning at 2:08), we talk to Jill about how she expanded the short into a feature, the differences between short filmmaking and feature filmmaking, and what the major influences were on the movie. Plus, we chat about how everyone steals from everyone — but that is okay just as long as you can put your own personal mark on something.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jill tells about how she strove to create an honest (if extreme) look at anxiety, how she would make a radically different film if she were to make a sequel, and her reaction to the way the film went down at Frightfest.

The Stylist will be available on the Arrow Player on March 1st.

Watch a clip of The Stylist here.

Check out the original short here.

Listen to Jill’s first appearance on the podcast here.

Read our 5-star (5/5) review of The Stylist here.

Be sure to tune in every Monday for new episodes of the NEW HORROR EXPRESS podcast on the Morbidly Beautiful Network. 

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