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This Time It's Personal

Filmmaker B. Harrison Smith takes horror fans on a journey through history and memories in his new book, “This Time It’s Personal”.


Filmmaker B. Harrison Smith (Camp Dread, Death House, The Special) is bringing his love of horror and its history to the written page. Releasing May 1, 2022, Smith’s book This Time It’s Personal: A Monster Kid’s History of Horror Memories and Experiences brings historical context to horror films from the 1930s through the late 1980s and the importance of theatrical and group screenings.

“We are losing that experience and these kinds of memories today,” says Smith. “Seeing horror with a crowd of people can’t be compared to watching it on a phone, computer or even big-screen TV at home.”

Anyone familiar with Smith on his very active Twitter feed knows he laments the fading theatrical experience, specifically when it comes to horror.

“From the time I saw Jaws in theaters, I knew I wanted to make movies,” Smith explains. “It was the first movie for me where the audience stood, applauded, and cheered at the end. Since then I have had incredible theater experiences from the best to the worst the genre can offer in theaters with big crowds and the memories are something that fuels today’s nostalgia and drive fans to conventions.”

Smith’s love of horror is on full display via his Cynema podcast, a series inspired by Jaws: The Revenge that takes a sharp-tongued look at the effects of cynicism on entertainment.

With the same no-holds-barred approach delivered through thoughtful analysis, This Time It’s Personal promises to be a smile-inducing love letter to “monster kids” everywhere.


Horror icon Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog, Creepshow), who wrote the forward for the book, speaks highly of Smith’s love of horror.

“No one loves it more or knows more about it than Harrison. Consider yourself lucky. He’s sharing his fascinating journey through the celluloid world of terror and you have a front-row seat.

”Take a look at horror through a different view, with the historical context of the times, and hear from fans who also contributed their memories. This is a fast, fun ride from a “Monster Kid” who went from the weird kid in school to a movie usher at the local mall multiplex and eventually a professional horror filmmaker.”

Releasing on May 1st, This Time It’s Personal: A Monster Kid’s History of Horror Memories and Experiences can be pre-ordered from Bear Manor Media in hardcover or paperback.

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