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Many of us find ourselves entertaining unwanted guests during the holidays, but these sadistic holiday horrors take that idea to the extreme.


Ever wonder what it is about Christmas horror and unwanted pregnancy? Don’t worry; we’ve covered this and several other dubious holiday needs.

In this episode, Candace and Ariel are talking about the infamous and oddly goofy New French Extreme home invasion nightmare Inside (2007), as well as a different sort of home invasion (bad roommates) in the indie horror comedy The Leech (2022).

Inside (À l’intérieur) is a 2007 French horror film directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo and starring Béatrice Dalle and Alysson Paradis. Written by Bustillo, it is the first feature film from either director. It concerns the attack and home invasion of a young pregnant woman (Paradis) by a mysterious stranger (Dalle) who seeks to take her unborn baby.

The Leech is a 2022 American holiday comedy horror film directed by Eric Pennycoff and starring Jeremy Gardner, Taylor Zaudtke, and Graham Skipper. It’s about a devout priest who welcomes a struggling couple into his house at Christmastime. However, his simple act of kindness soon becomes the ultimate test of faith once the sanctity of his home is jeopardized.

This will be our last episode for 2023, and as always, we’re so thrilled to have you with us, listeners. Whatever your plans for this final stretch of the year, we hope you can take us with you and check out these nasty little Christmas movies.

Please heed our warning and do not watch the 2016 remake of Inside — unless you’re into that sort of thing. We’ll be back in 2024 with more soul-crushing content.


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