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I first watched Old 37 back in October 2015 when it arrived on DVD/Blu ray and On Demand just in time for Halloween. I instantly fell in love with it, and it easily became one of my favorite horror films of the year. You read the full review here, but here’s the quick synopsis:

Well-written, well paced, and anchored by standout performances from horror heavyweights Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder, Old 37 is a brutal, bloody, old school slasher that is quite an entertaining thrill ride from start to finish.

I watched the film again during the Old37-Live! tweet-a-thon with the writer, Paul Travers, and several members of the talented cast, including the great Kane Hodder. Now I’m excited to give this yet another watch when it makes its national television debut on Chiller this Friday, January 22nd at 9 pm EST.

Old 37 stars the dynamic duo of Kane Hodder and the brilliant Bill Moseley playing homicidal brothers in a fast past and blood-soaked film. Joining these horror titans are a talented cast, including Brandi Cyrus, Caitlin Harris, Olivia Alexander, Maxwell Zagorski, Maggie Keane Williams, Ben Schneider, Mindy White, Sascha Knopf, and Ken Simmons, with an appearance by Australian rock band Sheppard.

Mark your calendars and grab your popcorn — don’t miss your chance to see a group of careless, car obsessed millennials get tormented by two psychotic brothers searching for their mother’s hit and run killers while they pose as paramedics who intercept 9-1-1 calls in a beat up old ambulance. For more information and to watch the official trailer, please visit:

Click here to find your Chiller channel. And be sure to like Old 37 on Facebook and tag them in a photo of you watching for a chance to win a sweet Old 37 “Don’t Worry I’m A Paramedic” shirt!


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