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We travel to the UK to explore the mysterious Beast of Bodmin Moor, a rumored alien big cat whose presence on the plains defies explanation(19 min) (1.10.20).

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It’s time for a lesson in the ABCs. No, I trust you know your alphabet. I’m talking about Alien Big Cats. These aren’t some extra-terrestrial tentacle beings that look like cats, but rather regular old exotic cats, like pumas or leopards, that have somehow found their way to a part of the world in which they simply do not belong. From these ABCs stem countless myths and legends. And they even inspired (to a degree) a classic Sherlock Holmes tale.

These cats roam the highlands and fields of places all around the world. But today’s stop takes us to jolly Ol’ England, to a place in Cornwall called the Bodmin Moor, where a beast has been sighted for years, and on more than one occasion. Despite the lack of hard evidence, people swear that something stalks the scenic plains.

In the episode, we’ll talk about different theories, as well as the likelihood of something like this living so far from its natural habitat.

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