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Get to know the multi-talented performance artist and filmmaker Kino McFarland — a fearless performer with a brilliant mind a taste for the extreme (38 min) (2.14.20).

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One of the reasons why I love celebrations like Women in Horror Month so much is due to all the amazing and interesting people I get to meet, and today I got to chat with one of the most fascinating women I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing. Kino McFarland is a multi-talented performer, writer, filmmaker, and, well, everything!

She even has a stage name: Kino B. Demented! How cool is that?

While Kino’s mainstay is sideshow performances — where she does everything from eating fire to walking on glass, and even acts as a human dartboard — she also has an incredibly powerful short story published on her website (which you can find below) based on her own life experiences.

She also shines a new light on what it is to be an extreme performer.

This talented artist also has a masters degree on her resume, which is far more education than I have. She’s incredibly creative and intelligent, and that also shows in her passion for filmmaking. Her microshort, Witch Hunt, was shot very barebones using nothing more than the camera on her phone.

Resourcefulness is a quality that not many people can say they have, especially when it comes to making films. It just goes to show that bigger isn’t always better — and that sometimes a little ingenuity can go a long way.

Kino is a very passionate woman, and she has a lot of great stories and insights to share.

I strongly encourage you to not only listen to this interview, but also to take a look at her works online and in person if she’s in your town performing.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a million times: without Women in Horror Month, I may never would have heard of Kino, or other women like her — women with limitless talents and creativity to share.

You can find Kino at any of the links below:

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