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We continue our look at the unbelievable true crimes of serial killer/human vampire, Richard Trenton Chase: Man, Monster, Monsterman.

Last week, we took a little look at serial killer Richard Chase’s past, the trials and tribulations, and even a few of his struggles. We began talking about his heinous crimes, but barely scratched the surface. This week, we go all in talking about his gruesome, stomach-turning reign of terror. And it’s not for the faint of heart. 


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got no sympathy for Richard Chase, or any forgiveness for what he did. Still, he can’t shoulder every ounce of blame for his unspeakable actions. But what were those actions exactly?

Well, we know from the last episode that he shot and killed Ambrose Griffin. When we left off our discussion, he was in the process of breaking into Terry Wallin’s house. But what he did when he got inside was truly brutal — the acts of not a man but a monster. Calling him an animal would be too much of an insult to a shark.

Chase, after having his way with Wallin, wasn’t done. He had a thirst for blood, quite literally. What was found at Teresa Wallin’s murder was disturbing. But one thing of note was rings left on the floor, rings in the shape of buckets. Buckets to put blood into.

This was a theme at his next murder as well, which happened to be a triple homicide, that later turned into a fourth. All in all, Chase ended the lives of six people, and he did not discriminate. Two of his victims were children, three if you count Wallin’s unborn child.

Chase was a piece of human trash, with multiple mental disorders, that were later judged to have little to no role in his terrible acts.

Having a mental illness is not an excuse for what he did. Plenty of people have mental illnesses, and they don’t disembowel people at will. Personally, I blame his mother. She was apathetic at best towards him and his activities, and flat out denied he could have done what he did — probably because it would look bad on her.

For more details on what Chase did, you’ll just have to listen. But be warned, it’s not pretty.


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