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This week on the cast, Chaos & Carnage serve up a real turkey, and we don’t mean at the Thanksgiving table! Dig into the absurdity of 1987’s “Blood Rage”.

This Thanksgiving, it’s not cranberry sauce…it’s this podcast.


Turkey, pumpkin pie, and murder…oh, my! Turkey, pumpkin pie, and murder…oh, my! We’re off to see the Blood Rage, the wonderful Blood Rage of Thanksgiving. Need to bring something to your Thanksgiving meal this year? Bring this movie! It is the proper way to get everyone into the spirit of the holiday! We will come to Thanksgiving, too, and we will bring the smallpox blanket.

If you are a new listener to the PaNcast, be aware there are spoilers and expletives ahead! We break down the movie, go through a summary, offer analysis, trivia, arbitrary awards, reviews, ratings, fanfiction and more!

“Mother announces engagement at Thanksgiving dinner and things go awry.” – Carnage’s Five Second Summary

Happy Thanksgiving all! To celebrate the holiday this year, we bring you the holiday special, Blood Rage! And there is special bonus content in the beginning of this episode of us telling you our best Thanksgiving stories, as well as what we are thankful for. We did forget something we are most thankful for which is YOU, our dear, dear audience! We love you each and everyone!

Blood Rage is a wonderful family oriented film starring some of the 80’s worst actors and the most annoyingly fun killer EVER! Who doesn’t love a murder spree right after the turkey? I mean, provided you don’t need an over-eating fueled nap afterwards. So keep it light during dinner, make the killings happen, and then you can always eat more before the cops come.

Go check out Blood Rage if you mind being spoiled like yams that sat out during the entire day waiting to be eaten. Then make sure to check out this week’s episode for the laughs and stories with your favorite podcast hosts.

Blood Rage is streaming on Shudder.


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