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TEASER POSTER 1We here at Morbidly Beautiful have been actively following update from the team behind the upcoming indie horror film Red Eye and eagerly anticipating the launch of the film’s crowdfunding campaign. Now our wait is over!

The IndieGogo Campaign for the film is now live, and we encourage you to go and show your support for independent horror. The campaign includes some very limited and exclusive perks you won’t be able to find anywhere else, including movie memorabilia, film credits, and even the chance to help produce the film and score an IMDB credit. You can also preorder an exclusive hand numbered and signed DVD, blu ray or limited VHS while helping bring this film to life.

Red Eye is the story of four teenagers who hike out to the backwoods of Black Creek West Virginia to document a local legend named Red Eye. Will their passion bleed through, or cross the line? The film marks the feature length debut of writer/director/producer Tristan Clay and stars Destine Orndoff (co-writer and producer), Scott King, Heather Dorff, Michael Taylor Pritt, and scream queen Jessica Cameron.

By donating, you’re helping to support original, creative, independent horror made by people who are truly passionate about the filmmaking and the horror genre. This isn’t about profit or helping fund major studios. It’s about making a film horror fans can truly get excited about. Writer/director Tristan Clay notes that this is NOT a found footage film — but rather something truly unique and memorable, with a focus on quality filmmaking, a compelling story, and great practical effects (no CGI).

Every dollar helps and your contribution, no matter how big or small, will go a long way to helping make this ambitious horror film a reality. If you’re financially unable to contribute, please at least consider sharing this campaign with friends, fellow horror fans, and on your social media channels. Please help support indie horror. Click here to donate now! 

From the campaign page:

Our goals with this IndieGoGo are simple…to make an amazing, bloody, gruesome, and ultimately fucking bad ass full length feature horror film. To do this, we need YOUR help. “Red Eye” focuses a lot on passion with a great group of people involved. But, we ultimately need your passion for the horror independent scene to help us in funding this film. With your help, we will be able to make a film BY horror fans FOR horror fans!


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