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As serious lovers of both horror and comics, we were stoked to come across an amazing new project on Kickstarter, called TYRANNY OF THE SUN by Sol Comics.

From the campaign page:

Tyranny of the Sun is a collection of comic short stories that invert the traditional roles of dark and light, casting light as the villain. We’ve been trained for too long to fear the dark, for demons lurk and prey on those who are foolish enough to enter. But we know those are lies. The true demons hide in plain sight, letting the light do its work of blinding us so that we can’t see the truth.

There’s nothing inherently good about light or evil about dark, and this anthology seeks to set the record straight.

Contained herein are 13 stories that play with light, shadow, and the traditional dynamics of good and evil. This book is a collaboration of some very talented writers and artists, spanning multiple genres and styles.

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Be afraid of the light.

From the campaign page, you can view a summary of the 13 stories featured in the graphic anthology, learn more about the artists involved, and get a sneak peek at some of the mindblowing art. You can also check out some of the great perks being offer for contributors. By donating at a certain level, you can pre-order your copy of the published book.

Sol Comics is run by Patrick Trahey, a writer and Chicago native. He enjoys routinely hurtling his beloved hometown into apocalypses of the cyberpunk, supernatural, and slow-burn varieties. He is the writer of the all the stories at, including his recently successfully Kickstarted post-apocalyptic series, The XII.

The campaign for Tyranny of the Sun will end on March 11, 2016, and this project will only be funded if it reaches its fundraising goal of $13,000. Please help support independent artists and give some love to this awesome graphic anthology. Click here to donate. 

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