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Owen Egerton’s Blood Fest is an incredibly fun, gleefully self aware, and fabulously gory love letter to horror that shines in spite of its flaws.

The idea of a horror festival as big as a Renaissance Faire, with different themed areas, made my black heart beat a little bit faster and got me pumped to see Blood Fest when it played at the Overlook Film Festival.

I have been to Universal Horror Nights, Knotts Scary Farm, seen more horror films than I can count and been to tons of amazing immersive horror events. But none of them could live up to the horror fantasy joy that this festival was advertising. Tortureville, Vamp Camp, Zombie Graveyard and Clown Town — just to name a few. I’m not sure I could survive this carnival of horror clichés, but I would want to attempt to be the final girl!

Brought to you by the absolutely insane and hilarious writer/director/actor Owen Egerton, BLOOD FEST delivers some crazy shit! This self-aware horror movie is destined to be a Halloween Midnight classic!

I had a chance to have a fun chat with the Master of Ceremonies himself at the Overlook Film Festival. You can watch the video HERE.

Synopsis: When the most exciting horror festival in the country, Blood Fest, turns the tables on its zealous fan base, by trapping them on the grounds and murdering them en masse, we find out the Master of Ceremonies has a diabolical agenda. Who will be left standing at the end? A group of teens armed with the knowledge of a thousand horror movies will fight their way through the bloodbath in this hilarious send-up of horror culture. Can they survive? And who or what is behind this evil carnage?

At Blood Festhorror fans gather in the woods to immerse in and celebrate their favorite horror movies. The most popular festival of its kind, it crosses over and over just about every horror sub-genre there is.

The story follows young Dax (Robbie Kay) who spent a fortune for a chance to attend Blood Fest, but his father, who is on a mission to prove that horror films make people violent, takes away his ticket. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from going anyway, and he along with friends Krill, (Jacob Batalon) Sam, (Seychelle Gabriel) and Ashley (Barbara Dunkleman) manage to get in right as the party gets started.

This is where the movie turns into its own sub-genre in a way.

The Master of Ceremonies, Anthony Walsh (Owen Egerton himself) announces that it’s all real, and guys with pig masks begin chain sawing guests in half. This is literally the beginning of the film!

Utter chaos ensues, and every area of the park is in mayhem. All the iconic and bloody maniacs are real and out to kill everyone there. Why? So, Walsh can surreptitiously film the giant slaughterhouse he has created and produce his own shocking, snuff horror film!

Dax and his friends try to use their knowledge of horror to make it to the end and get out the back door. OMG…do they make it? Ha, I’m not telling, you need to see it for yourself. Sorry, I don’t want to give away too much because the second reveal at the end is worth waiting for.

A gruesome splatter-fest using a gratuitous amount of gore (not a bad thing to me) Blood Fest is an entertaining comedy horror that celebrates all things in horror, with bloody glee.

If you pay attention you can see the movie making fun of itself. There is even something for video gamers as the victims go through different levels, against violent robotic monsters, being run by a squad of computer geeks.

I can’t honestly say Blood Fest is perfect. There are some plot holes and a few unnecessary explanations along the way. But like A Cabin in the Woods, Scream or one of my favs, Zombieland, I did love when the characters used their knowledge of horror and awareness of their situation to help figure things out. Maybe a few more of the horror fans attending should have been that smart too…. that might have been interesting.

What I do know is that I enjoyed the shocking, nerdy and goofy film a lot. It is a satirical love letter to horror. I loved the characters and was invested in them! I accepted the flaws, I cheered, I groaned, and I had a blast. BLOOD FEST is bloody-good fun!

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