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At Monsterpalooza 2017 in Pasadena this weekend, Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger) was the hit of the show

Giant lines wrapped around the lobby for folks to get a brief photo or autograph of Robert Englund. On Sunday, devoted fans got to attend the Nightmare on Elm Street panel and learn amazing things about their favorite bad-dream maker.

Robert Englund

Photo Credit: Vicki Woods

One thing everyone really enjoyed hearing about was Robert Englund’s personal favorite kill while playing the evil nightmare that was Freddy Krueger!

With so many kills to choose from, I was surprised by his choice, but his favorite was from Freddy’s Dead. “Nice hearing from you Carlos”, Freddy sneered in the film! Not a good time for the hearing impaired young man.

“It’s such a Cronenberg head explosion,” laughed Englund. “The guys loved doing that. But yeah, what I love is that it’s a really politically incorrect sequence, ya know. I know many, I don’t even know what the politically correct term is anymore, I don’t think it’s disabled anymore… special needs actors. Gosh, I work with actors that are in wheelchairs or have problems with their sight, and they don’t just want to play goody-goody people all the time. They don’t just have to be the good guy. Or the nice guy. Or the saint. Or the martyr. They want to be bad guys and villains as well. And I love the political incorrectness of that. Freddy’s an equal opportunity serial killer. He doesn’t care if you’ve got a hearing aid. He’ll get ya. That’s my favorite Freddy kill. Because of all the ramifications for it.”

Robert Englund

Photo Credit: Vicki Woods

My personal favorite was in Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child — the guy becoming a living motorcycle after getting ejected from his truck was pretty gnarly!

What is your favorite kill from the Nightmare on Elm Street series? Let us know in the comments below!

Freddy Krueger


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