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We talk with Sarah Rouge (Poison) about her multi-faceted career and women in horror — and the refreshingly candid beauty pulls no punches.

Italian actress, athlete, and model Sarah Rouge (aka Poison Rouge) happened into filmmaking by accident. Set to star in the fourth installment of the American Guinea Pig series, Sacrifice, Rouge ended up directing it instead. We discussed women in the genre, her future in filmmaking, and of course, horror movies.


1. What made you want to become a filmmaker? How did you get your start in the horror genre, and what made you choose extreme horror?

Actually I’m a model and actress, I never wanted be a director. Domiziano always push me over my limits asking me to do things that he sees I’m able to do more than I trust. I was supposed to act in SACRIFICE, and I ended up directing it! I started in horror doing the BLOODY CABARET, a sort of sideshow with Domiziano Cristopharo. He then wanted me as actress and assistant for his HOUSE OF FLESH MANNEQUINS. After that, I did many works with him.

2. If you could work with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Sly, Sylvester Stallone for sure. I think he was like a guide in my teenage  years — a motivation that I still have inside.

Poison Rouge with Domiziano Cristopharo

3. What are some of the challenges women face in the genre?

Oh, well my point of view is pretty different I think…maybe I’m lucky, I don’t know. I see how easy it was for me to debut in horror and be popular — just cause I’m “hot and pretty” — and I see the struggles Domiziano has after 20 great movies and 25 years of experience. So be a woman can have dark sides and very positive sides. Especially if we play our cards well.

4. What does having a Women in Horror Month mean to you?

I think for me, it is women in horror all year long! I demonstrated that girls can do gruesome splatters too, even joining an extreme International saga like the AMERICAN GUINEA PIG! I work with men everyday also in the gym. Maybe my life is different cause our competition is good, and we see each other like on same level. I understand for some women men sometimes can be a problem. I suggest them just to punch them in the right place. Silence is never a good choice.

5. Please tell us about what you are currently work on/have coming up.

Actually, I’m dedicating my life to my BF, my dog ARGO and my job as personal trainer. Filmmaking actually doesn’t excite me too much, unless Domiziano call me for some of his projects. I like good vibes, and this field is sadly filled with snakes — one day best friends, day after worst enemies. Life is too short to be wasted around an indie movie.

I did a few anthologies after SACRIFICE. One is TASTE OF PHOBIA, recently distributed, and a brand new film next to approach festivals is SINS, dedicated to the seven deadly sins. I did the segment on GREED, and I used a very powerful female icon from Brazil.

6. You’ve had an extensive career in body building and modeling. If you weren’t making movies, what would you be doing?

Actually sports are my first life. Filmmaking is a nice funny hobby…sometimes!

7. What’s your favorite scary movie?

I love FRIDAY 13th, I also have JASON tattooed on my arm! I love Carpenter too, but my favorite inspirational movie will remain ROCKY!

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