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Looking for a little scary Summer fun? Beat the heat and play this easy sea monster-inspired game with friends while you’re at the beach or on the lake.

I once heard that we know more about space, and what’s in space, than we do our oceans. That’s pretty scary if you ask me. Not that I’m complaining.

Like many of you readers, I’ll be visiting a few large bodies of water over the summer to cool off and pick up things off the beach. I’ll also undoubtedly do some “messing around in boats”.

My dad is a professional freestyle canoeist, meaning over half of my life has been spent on some body of water. Being a horror fan from an early age, I would always look down into the dark depths of whatever watery expanse we were paddling on and wonder if anything resembling the Loch Ness Monster, Champ (of Lake Champlain Fame), or Cthulhu, to name a few, lived just below our boat.

Sometimes in the dark depths of the water, I would imagine that I saw something. Many times this was just the long shadow of the canoe or some weeds, but it never ceased to send a shiver down my spine.

Not so long ago, I found out my dad commonly imagines the same thing. This gave me an idea for a game you and your family or friends could play when you visit the beach or go boating this summer. When looking at the water, imagine what kind of monster you think lives in it. Then ask everyone else to do the same. Then, see who can come up with the scariest maritime monstrosity.

This game is much like the traditional game of tall tales ,wherein storytellers try to tell a taller tale than the teller before — i.e., a more outrageous story. I plan to do this next time I’m with my family and friends floating on some dark bottomless bay in a flimsy canoe. I recommend you do the same!

Maybe the people who don’t understand your love for monsters will start to understand after imaging one themselves!

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