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I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the upcoming short horror film, BORDER PATROL, which will be releasing this Thanksgiving Day 2016. This is the second short from talented Canadian born filmmaker Dee McCullay.

McCullay is a self-taught filmmaker known for his work on the paranormal series, “Dark History” (2012 to present), a popular ghost hunting/haunting investigation show based in Nortwestern Ontario. His first foray into fiction filmmaking came with the recent October 2016 release of his independent short horror film, FALLACIOUS Release for free online via his production company Thunderstryker Films, FALLACIOUS is a dark and creepy Halloween tale about what happens when the door is opened to the wrong Trick or Treater.

FALLACIOUS (which you can watch below) boasts some pretty solid special effects and has made genre fans take note of this up-and-coming horror filmmaker.

McCullay immediately followed up the success of FALLACIOUS with his second short, BORDER PATROL, based on the twisted hit horror flash fiction short story by retired best-selling author-turned-filmmaker, Andy Van Scoyoc of Cafe Noir Production Studio. BORDER PATROL is a gripping story set after the zombie apocalypse. The story revolves around guards Alvin and Ray, who are charged with protecting what’s theirs as survivors of the unthinkable.

At just over three minutes in length (including credits), this film packs a lot into a very short run time. It’s a smart and clever concept that is exceptionally well executed. The short is visibly low budget, but McCullay does a great job making the most of his limited resources. While FALLACIOUS focused more on gore and in-your-face horror, BORDER PATROL makes great use of mood and atmosphere, expertly building to its unexpected and highly rewarding conclusion.

To keep this review spoiler free, I can’t elaborate too much. But I loved that this short took the heavily saturated and well-tread zombie sub-genre in a different direction, giving fans something innovative and fresh to enjoy.

This short would be right at home in an anthology film such as the ABCs of Death series, or as part of the exceptional programming from our friends at Crypt TV. We’re excited to see where McCullay goes from here, and we definitely have him on our “Ones to Watch” list.

BORDER PATROL is slated for a Thanksgiving Day 2016 release and will be making the film fest circuits in 2017. This highly-anticipated film will be available for public viewing through Thunderstryker Films on You Tube, beginning November 24th, 2016. You can check out the trailer for the short below.



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