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“Saint Maud” is a polarizing slow burn that will leave many cinephiles in exaltation but may alienate less devout fans of arthouse horror.

Our first movie review of 2024 was Tiana’s choice, and she went with “Saint Maud” (2019), the debut film from director/writer Rose Glass!


Saint Maud (available to stream now on Prime Video) is a British psychological horror film starring Morfydd Clark as a religious private carer who becomes dangerously fixated on saving the soul of her patient.

It explores the dangers of isolation and mental health. The film is about a young nurse who becomes reclusive after a mysterious trauma. Though you’d be right to expect this film to fit perfectly in the subgenre of religious horror, it’s really a chilling and captivating character study about Maud’s existential loneliness.

The film received critical acclaim, with particular praise for Glass’ direction and screenplay, the stellar lead performances, and the stunning cinematography. At the 74th British Academy Film Awards (which doesn’t seem to shun horror the way the American Academy does), Glass was nominated for Outstanding British Film and Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer.

Tailor-made for the A24 arthouse crowd, Saint Maud earned a record seventeen nominations at the British Independent Film Awards 2020 and won two, Best Cinematography and the Douglas Hickox Award for Glass.


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