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“Werewolves Within” is clever and entertaining; with a great cast, it will keep you on the edge of your seat while also making you laugh. 

Werewolves Within

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I recently watched the movie Werewolves Within, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. As a fan of horror and comedy, this movie, directed by Josh Ruben (Scare Me, A Wounded Fawn), was the perfect blend of both genres.

Bestselling author Mishna Wolff (Wolf Like Me television series) penned the film, which takes inspiration from the video game of the same title, set in the quaint village of Beaverfield in the Northeast. This village is known for its abundance of maple trees and quirky residents.

The plot thickens with Midland Gas offering a substantial reward to the villagers on the condition that they vacate their homes to make way for a pipeline.

Finn Wheeler (played by the hilarious Sam Richardson, who you may recognize from his memorable role in Ted Lasso) is a park ranger tasked with supervising Midland’s project who finds himself in the midst of escalating tensions. While Finn typically avoids conflict, Beaverfield’s eccentricities push him to his limits, especially when a series of murders begin to plague the village.

Upon Wheeler’s arrival in Beaverfield, he is met with a quirky and eccentric group of townspeople, each with their own secrets and agendas.

However, things take a deadly turn when a snowstorm traps them all together, and a mysterious creature starts attacking the town.

One thing that stood out to me about this movie was the brilliant balance between horror and comedy.

Werewolves Within had its fair share of jump scares and tense moments, but it also had a lot of humor and clever one-liners that had me laughing out loud. The actors’ comedic timing was spot-on, making the movie fun and enjoyable.

Speaking of the actors, the cast was definitely one of the movie’s highlights.

Richardson was a relatable and likable protagonist. He shares the screen with Milana Vayntrub, who came to prominence for her appearances in AT&T television commercials as saleswoman Lily Adams from 2013 to 2016 and again beginning in 2020. She plays quirky postal worker Cecily, stealing the show with her witty and sarcastic remarks.

The chemistry between the characters was palpable and made the movie even more entertaining.

Rounding out the stellar ensemble is a comedic powerhouse of talent, including Sarah Burns (Barry), Michael Chernus (Severance), Catherine Curtin (Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black), Rebecca Henderson (Single Drunk Female, Russian Doll), Cheyenne Jackson (American Horror Story), Glenn Fleshler (Barry), and the delightful Harvey Guillén (What We Do in the Shadows), among others.

The special effects in the movie were also well-done. The werewolf transformation scenes were gruesome and realistic, adding to the horror aspect of the film.

The creature design was also unique and different from the usual werewolf depictions in movies, which was a refreshing change.

The plot of the movie was well-paced and kept me engaged throughout. It had enough twists and turns to keep me guessing, and revealing the werewolf’s identity was unexpected and well-executed.

The movie also touched upon relevant social and environmental issues, making it more than just a typical horror-comedy.

Overall, Werewolves Within is a must-watch for fans of horror and comedy. 

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 5

Watch on Shudder, Hulu, or AMC+.

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