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Ghost films continue to dominate the box office, and we take a look back at ten of the best haunted horror films of the past two decades.

Dreadful Tuesday Ghoulies and Goblins! I have quite the spooky list for you this week. Do you like ghost stories? Well I’ve got ten of the best (and four honorable mentions) that will have you so covered in goosebumps that you will need your favorite blanket to keep you warm.

Now ghoulies and goblins, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

10. The Others (2001)

The Others

The idea that Nicole Kidman did a horror movie is quite shocking, especially after just finishing a movie like Moulin Rouge! Nicole wasn’t even convinced she should take the part and even quit once during rehearsals because she was having nightmares. If you have not seen this beautifully crafted film, Nicole plays a mother to two children who suffer a rare disease where they cannot be exposed to sunlight. Her husband seems to have abandoned them, and their already haunting home starts to turn on them. The spirits become stronger and stronger until a horrendous twist is exposed — and that you won’t see coming until the very end! This movie is very spooky, and the ghost levels are pretty high.

9. What Lies Beneath (2000)

Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford make a beautiful couple, but everything is not as it seems when they go to stay at their Vermont lakeside home. Michelle plays Claire Spencer who doesn’t know if she’s being haunted by a ghost or going insane. Michelle claimed she used Drew Barrymore as a muse to project her fear in the film, despite not even being sure she wanted to take the role due to all the technical aspects of the film.

The director, Robert Zemeckis, was hugely inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and even had a blonde as his lead role, and the music was even similar to what Al used in his films — not to mention the dead body in a car being rolled into a lake. He was also filming Cast Away at the time but was on hold for Tom Hanks to lose weight for the second part of the film when he was green lit to direct What Lies Beneath. If you haven’t seen this film, I highly suggest it or I just might ghost you.

8. Gothika (2003)

Who would have ever thought Halle Berry would bless us with her presence in a horror movie?!? And not just her, but Robert Downey Jr is also in this film, along with the mysterious beauty that is Penelope Cruz. Could you imagine being a successful psychiatrist and one day waking up as one of the patients? Sounds like a nightmare, and this film does not disappoint with its eerie vibes. And not a single opportunity is wasted for having a ghost be the main antagonist in the film.

It was unfortunate for Halle that she broke her arm during filming, but she came back once it was healed and showed us how powerful our minds can be even when we think we are going crazy. You can also catch John Carroll Lynch in this film, who we all know and love as twisty the clown in American Horror Story.

7. The Ring (2002)

I’m sure we can all agree this movie frightened us…or at least it really frightened me. It also made me want to be a journalist, and that’s why I dedicate myself to Morbidly Beautiful. If you haven’t seen this film, Naomi Watts plays a journalist who is investigating a tape that kills the viewer after seven days. If your phone rang after the film like mine did, you’ll understand why this movie frightened me when it first came out. Clearly I didn’t die, it was just my grandmother calling.

Samara is a little girl who clearly hates the world and has made everyone fear girls with long black hair that falls into their faces. This movie happens to be a remake of a Japanese horror film called Ringu. Before Stephen King’s 2017 IT, this movie was the number one remake at the box office — grossing over 249 million and selling over 2 million DVD copies within 24 hours of its release in the US. This movie is very popular among the horror community and one remake that all don’t seem to mind. So if you haven’t seen it, give it a shot if you dare.

6. Ghost Ship (2002)