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We continue our tour of the Eerie USA with a stop in Arkanas to explore a plethora of paranormal activity and unusual urban legends (19 min) (9.27.19).


Our next stop on the Eerie USA tour features not a specific event or location in Arkansas, but a plethora of places As it turns out, Arkansas is really quite haunted. There were some incredibly fascinating stories, such as the story of Highway 365, which tells the tale of a young girl asking for a ride. She’s cold, so she’s offered a jacket. The driver drops her off at home, and that’s when things turn even more interesting.

Then there’s the White River Monster —a giant aquatic monster that lives and has been spotted multiple times in Newport. There have been dozens of theories on the subject, some supernatural and some a little more tame.

If you’re driving through Arkansas, it’s safe to say that you’ve driven on a haunted road, or crossed a dastardly bridge. It seems that there is a disproportionate amount of haunted roads and highways in the state. From Wolf Bayou Bridge to the Tilly Willy Bridge, there seems to be a haunting everywhere you turn.

In this cast, I’m going to branch out from the usual, and cover an assortment of stories from the state. It should be exciting!

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