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CHAPTER THREE (Go to first chapter in serial)

“Captain, look who’s back.” Officer Stone held a letter; on it were letters cut from a magazine. “He’s not very creative. This is like a scene out of a B horror film from the 80’s.”

“Stone, this is not a joke. We have three women missing and they’re possibly still alive. Cracking jokes? This isn’t the time or place.” Captain Renolds scolded.

“Sorry, Cap. I’m just so confused by this case.”

“We all are, Stone. Give me the letter.” Renolds grabbed the letter with tweezers and held it out with his gloved hand.

The Gallery at night lights up the sky
As my victims scream all their goodbyes
In 48 hours, you all will see
Just what happens when you mess with me

“I’m really starting to hate this dude.” Stone shook his head, “How in the hell are we supposed to find him? His letters are clean. He never leaves any DNA. Security cameras always never work. He’s like a freakin’ phantom.”

“There’s more.” Captain continued.

I hide in the daylight, where people can see
No one ever knows who’s the real me
I have my eye on my number four
Don’t try to find her, she’s just a dumb whore.

“Great! Three women already missing and he’s already found a fourth. What are we going to do?” Stone yelled.

Captain Renolds smiled, “We’re going to play the game. Call up The Daily Post. I also have a letter I’d like him to read!”

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