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Awoooo! Forget I did that.

A-list celebrities like Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise have already been locked in to play in Universal’s reboots of The Mummy and The Invisible Man. But now Deadline reports that wrestler turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in talks to play the iconic beast, The Wolfman. The publication didn’t give many details beyond revealing that the rumors are persistent. No doubt, we will probably get a formal announcement soon.

This isn’t the only significant casting rumor surrounding Universal’s monster remakes. Many are buzzing that Scarlett Johansson may be in talks to star in the new Creature From the Black Lagoon film, while also hinting that Angelie Jolie may be set to star in the new The Bride of Frankenstein film.

As reported in the past, the first film to be rebooted by Universal will be The Mummy, followed by The Invisible Man. As I previously told you, Universal has two other yet untitled reboots in the works. We can only guess at what those other two films will be, but it’s very possible it will be The Wolfman and either Creature From The Black Lagoon or The Bride Of Frankenstein.


It’s also possible we will get news of an entirely different Universal Monsters film, which has yet to be announced. Maybe Frankenstein?

The newly imagined Monster universe will officially kick off next year with The Mummy, scheduled to hit theaters on March 24th, 2017. It will star Sofia Boutella as the titular character and Tom Cruise as Navy Seal Tyler Colt [this I’m guessing is the modem take on Monster Hunter Van Helsing]. Johnny Depp is set to star as The Invisible Man and Russell Crowe will tackle the dual role of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Will Jolie, Johnson and Johansson be added to the mix?


Johnson currently is producing a feature film adaption of the comic Son of Shaolin, and he’s almost wrapped on filming for the Baywatch remake. He’s also currently onboard for Fast & The Furious 8, Journey 3: From Earth To The Moon, San Andreas 2, Shazam, Doc Savage, Jumanji and the film  adaption of the Rampage video game co-starring with Kevin Hart.

Jolie is currently on-board Disney’s Maleficent 2. Johansson, previously starring in the animated comedy Sing, is currently filming Ghost In The Shell (2017) and is signed on for 2017’s Rock That Body. With their hectic schedules, it’s very difficult to predict if any or all of these three megastars will in fact be appearing in the new Universal Monster-verse.

Will these three actors be added to Universal’s recent casting coups? Will we see Angelina Jolie as a beautiful corpse or The Rock ready to howl at the moon? Let us know what you think down in the comments.

Stay tuned to Morbidly Beautiful for more on this developing story.

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