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I recommend “Eat” with an extreme word of caution; it’s an excellent but ultra gory indie horror film that is not for the weak. Dig in if you dare.

Before we get started, I need to stress that this film is not for the weak-stomached. This whole movie feels like getting a paper cut while someone runs their nails across a chalkboard, saying MOIST over and over again.

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s dig into this absolutely gross film.

The directorial debut from Jimmy Weber stars Meggie Maddock as Novella McClure, a struggling actress who has a nasty habit of eating when she gets anxious.  Now, we are not talking binging on Haagen-Dazs ice cream and pizza; she starts eating herself.

Yes, this film is some self-cannibalism which hasn’t been seen on film since Joe D’Amato’s disgusting classic Anthropophagus aka The Grim Reaper.

One may be thinking, “Oh that’s not so bad, I’ve seen a cannibal movie before.” WRONG.

Cannibal movies show isolated tribes and/or Texans chowing down on arms like they were turkey legs at the local renaissance festival. In Eat, Novella takes her first bite of human flesh by simply nibbling on a hangnail, pulling on it with her teeth until it peels down her arm from her thumb nail.

The first course starts shortly after Novella is passed over in an audition in favor of a younger actress and her landlady serves her with an eviction notice. She is admitted to the hospital and put on suicide watch. Her best friend Candice (Ali Francis) is there for her the whole time and takes her out to the bar to get her mind off of everything.

You see, Novella and Candice often frequent the same bar, flirt with men to buy them drinks, and then bail out the back door leaving the men behind.

This night, the two guys are a bit dangerous and drug the girls’ drinks. As the pair leave the bar, the men follow them to the parking lot and attempt to rape them, but Candice pulls out her gun and shoots them in the dick. They head back to Novella’s house, and she starts to have a panic attack over the night’s events.

Candice is too drunk to help her friend, so Novella begins her second course.

She eats off her toes! This isn’t the same as chomping down on her toes and breaking them off; this is more like peeling the skin and meat off, then leaving an exposed bone. Basically, a toe degloving.

By this point in the film, my shoulders raised up beyond my ears, and all of the goosebumps in the world popped up. 

I give a big round of applause to the special effects department. I’ve watched tons of horror movies, and there are not many that have the ability to make me physically ill, but this one did. The best part is, this wasn’t even the final course!

Novella’s life continues to spiral out of control until the film’s shocking climax that is just ooey, gooey gross and includes a giant callback to Joe D’Amato’s Anthropophagus — which had me standing up to give Eat a round of applause.

Not a film for the squeamish, Eat is an excellent, ultra-gory horror movie you can watch for free, now streaming on Tubi. But remember, you have been warned.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 5

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