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Unearthed Films plans to release the first two titles under its new brand, bringing extreme horror fans content so shocking it’s illegal in some states.

Unearthed Films — a distributor known for its brutal, shocking and boundary-pushing releases — announced the launch of is TOO EXREME FOR MAINSTREAM brand. Coming in 2019, the distributor will be offering select titles exclusively through the Unearthed Films Website. These titles, labeled too extreme for mainstream, will only be available in limited quantities during one-month pre-sale windows.

The films that fall under the TOO EXTREME FOR MAINSTREAM brand contain content of such extreme nature that they cannot be sold through normal distribution outlets. 

Aspects of these films may be considered illegal in your state or country. As a result, TOO EXTREME FOR MAINSTREAM films can only be purchased directly through the Unearthed Films website.

Extreme horror fans have come to know and love Unearthed Films for their highly original, pull-no-punches titles that proudly push the envelope and give fans the kind of thought provoking and viscerally impactful content they can’t find anywhere else — including titles like Atroz, The Vomit Gore Trilogy, Aftermath, and the American Guinea Pig series, among many others.

While all of these titles have been distributed through all major outlets in North America, some of Unearthed’s titles — such as the recently acquired Torment and Deep Web XXX— contain scenes of such unrepentant cruelty and are of such a highly disgusting nature that they cannot be released through Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart or other online retailers without getting into legal trouble. This is due to the laws of different states in the United States, and countries around the world.

In fact, TORMENT and DEEP WEB XXX are the first two titles that have not been legal in all states and countries. Thus, rather than having to cut the titles to make them acceptable for mainstream consumption — something Unearthed Films refuses to do — the company decided to launch a new brand and sell the titles direct from their site.

The company released the following statement regarding their decision to release these films in this manner: 

“Please understand, we are used to releasing extreme content in the United States. We have never had a problem, even when other countries ban our films but this is a certain variety that in no way, shape or form, can these be available to the general populace.”

“As your #1 label for EXTREME horror, we understand your frustration in not being able to pick these films up at your leisure. As extreme horror aficionados we want to offer you everything possible. TORMENT and DEEP WEB XXX are in a different sub-genre all together and because of this, we are offering the titles this way.”

TORMENT is a dramatic, violent Gacy-freely-inspired torture porn produced by Domiziano Cristopharo. DEEP WEB XXX is a collection of disturbing, sick, morbid and unusual clips from the world wide web. We will be reviewing both titles for you as soon as they become available. 

We’ve included trailers for both films below. Fair warning that this content is not for the feint of heart, and it should go without saying that it is most definitely NSFW. 

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