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Cindy Maples 98.6%

One of our favorite female filmmakers, Cindy Maples, returns with a fun and funny new short about the horrors of online dating, “98.6%”.

Last year, I was introduced to a very talented filmmaker and actress named Cindy Maples. I had the pleasure of reviewing Maples’ short horror film E-Bowla ahead of its festival run. The extremely creative and witty short, which Maples wrote, directed and produced, was a darkly comedic ode to female empowerment — a deliciously satisfying romp that showed what can happen to men who seriously misbehave.

At the time of our reviewE-Bowla was not yet available for public consumption. But, as a special holiday gift from the filmmakers, the riotous and highly entertaining short was served up for fans on December 13th. Now you can feast your eyes on one of my favorite shorts from 2018, featuring a stellar cast that includes the talented musician Ingrid Michaelson.

Click here to watch E-Bowla. 

I’m also thrilled to say that Maples was kind enough to reach back out, following the release of E-Bowla, to see if we’d like to check out the latest short she is involved with called 98.6%. This time, Maples shines both behind and in front of the camera, working with her husband and associate, Actor/Musician Rusty James. The short, which was four years in the making, was the brainchild of writer Randy Murray.

While working on the crew of E-Bowla, Murray approached Maples to Produce, Direct, and star in the short he had written. Once she was fully attached to the project, it took a year to bring it into fruition. But the result is a very funny and surprising short about the perils of online dating and the dangers of falling for someone who is just a little too perfect for you.

Clocking in at just under 11 minutes, I had a blast with this one. As with E-Bowla, this one will definitely make the ladies cheer as they watch another man with bad intentions get what he deserves.

Maples lights up the screen and shows what a strong comedic actress she is, while James is quite convincing as a “too good to be true” gentleman with a disturbing dark side. And just like E-Bowla, this one’s got an incredibly fun and effective payoff that proves Maples’ character is no helpless damsel in distress.

While 98.6% prepares for its festival run (having already been accepted into its first three festivals and received its first award), Maples has decided to share the short with horror fans rather than keeping us waiting. And I’m honored to be able to share the short with you below. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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