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It’s something old and something new as we pay respects to Argento’s “Suspiria” and the upcoming anthology “Satanic Hispanics”.


We reflect back on one of the most important and influential films in the genre, Dario Argento’s Suspiria. Plus, we discuss one of our favorites from Fantastic Fest, the Latin American horror anthology Satanic Hispanics.


We do not spend enough time looking at what is coming up. We talk about news here and there but rarely do we take an actual deep dive into upcoming genre films. This week, we do just that. We discuss the movies we are looking forward to, werewolves, and what it takes to scream like a Goonie.

Then it’s on to our retrospective review.

We discuss a classic of the genre. Dario Argento’s Suspira is one of the most important movies in horror. Its effects on genre cinema are clear. How often have you heard that something looks like Suspiria?

Of course, we had to talk about its kickass soundtrack and look. But we also discuss the financial themes, how it is like Mean Girls, and how you should whisper its name. Everyone has heard of Suspira, but few have sat and talked about it like we do.

Satanic Hispanics

After looking back at one of our favorites from years past, we look ahead to an exciting film coming soon.

Satanic Hispanics is an anthology that made its World Premiere at Fantastic Fest. Made by five Latino filmmakers, the movie mixes horror, comedy, and the occult.

It is a nice change of pace from an anthology we recently covered and is a template for how to make these kinds of movies the correct way.


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