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This week, we take a wild ride into movie madness with the “Not Your Final Girl” crew to discuss “When I Consume You” and “Dr. Lamb”.

When I Consume You

Ariel and Candance from Not Your Final Girl are back to talk about two movies that had us feeling all sorts of emotions. From a grounded film about two siblings dealing with a demon from their past to an infamous Category III Hong Kong movie that was equal parts disgusting and silly, we were all over the place. But did we like what we saw?


Ariel and Candance from Not Your Final Girl are back to discuss the strangest genre films we could find.

This week, we have a pair of interesting movies. Our first review takes us to the streets of New York City where we talk about down-to-earth horror stories with otherworldly elements. We then travel across the globe to Hong Kong to talk about exploitation flick that wants to push your buttons.

When I Consume You is the third feature film from Perry Blackshear.

We start with a discussion of how much he has improved since he debuted with They Look Like People. The movie is about a sister and brother who lean on each other for support. Just when it looks like Daphne Shaw is getting her life together, a demon from her past comes back to her haunt her.

The story is about the bonds between a brother and sister and has some redemptive qualities, but is it too on the nose? Is Blackshear trying so hard to convey his message that he ruins a good story?

We also discuss the performances of the two leads and discuss the recent trend of wild tonal shifts in movies.

Dr. Lamb

Dr. Lamb is notorious even in Category III movies.

(We briefly discuss what a Category III movie is and compare them  to similar films in other parts of the world.)

It is about a serial killer and what the police discovered after he was caught. It sounds simple enough, but the acts he committed are unbelievably awful. Even worse, Dr. Lamb is based on a true story.

The film is a straight-up exploitation film that seems to enjoy disgusting its audiences. Torture, necrophilia, and assault all make their way into the movie. We wonder how the story can get so downright nasty while the production looks beautiful at times.

We also question how well Dr. Lamb would do in today’s world and if there was an attempt at a deeper story.

When I Consume You is available to rent on most major VOD platforms, and Dr. Lamb is available to rent or buy on Vudu. 


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