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It’s meta madness! An audio recording about a film involving audio recordings found in a haunted asylum — shot at a real haunted asylum.

This week is Professor Smoak’s choice, and it’s Session 9 from 2001! Join Josh, Will & Smoak (Donny is out this time) as they have a very deep discussion on this flick by Brad Anderson.

Anderson had previously only directed romantic comedies before dipping his toe into horror with Session 9. Production took place on location at the historic (and, if rumors are true, haunted) Danvers State Mental Hospital in Danvers, Massachusetts. Also known as the State Lunatic Hospital and nicknamed Hell House on the Hill, many of its patients suffered from inhumane treatments and intolerable living conditions due to severe overcrowding. Danvers was also the inspiration for Arkham Asylum.

The Danvers State Mental Hospital has been closed down for 15 years, but it is about to receive five new visitors. When a group of asbestos removal workers begins work in the abandoned insane asylum, they are faced with the terrifying reemergence of the hospital’s horrific past. 

The past doesn’t stay buried, and neither should this 2001 gem! Join us for an in-depth discussion of this cult classic horror film. 

Session 9
Watch the trailer for Session 9 here. You can rent it on most VOD platforms.


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