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This week on the Bloodhound Pix Podcast, we continue looking at our 2020 film highlights while sharing our newest discoveries of 2021.

It’s a double dose of Bloodhound Pix! We celebrate the best of 2020 and dig deep into what 2021 has gifted us with so far. 


This pair of episodes are special, as they mark the first time the Bloodhound Pix crew has recorded together since before last year’s election. So, of course, they first have to chat about their favorite horror films from 2020. They discuss everything from the (few) major releases to the truly independent screeners — showcasing that, despite a chaotic and hard year, there was still a plethora of great movies deserving of recognition.

We’ve also got another great Screener Spotlight segment!

Bloodhound Pix began with three classmates/friends taking a unique approach to reviewing by tackling these horror movies as a group, which would lead to much bickering, creating our group dynamic, and plenty of opportunities that we have been honored to get. Even after our transition to the podcast, we still take time to return to our written reviews out of loyalty for what sparked it all. Since we are highlighting films that are at least a few years old through the podcast, this is our opportunity to discuss upcoming films that we had the opportunity to screen and give an audio and more personal version of what we really thought of these films.

1. Yong-hoon Kim’s multi-story, crime thriller, Beasts Clawing at Straws.

A Struggling restaurant owner, caring for his sick mom, finds a bag of cash in a sauna locker, while a customs officer gets into trouble when his girlfriend runs off with money, he borrowed from a loan shark. -via IMDB

2. Cristian Solimeno’s psychological thriller, The Glass Man.

The chilling story of a middle-class man whose desperate weathering of the economic crisis ends with the arrival one night of a debt collector with an offer that surely cannot be turned down. -via IMDB

3. And finally, Hayden J. Weal’s supernatural, buddy comedy, Dead.

Marbles, a hapless stoner, can see ghosts. Tagg, a recently dead wannabe super-cop, needs to find a serial killer. Can a critical ghost cop and directionless stoner get over their prejudices and work together to save lives… and deaths? -via IMDB


Bloodhound Pix

The Bloodhound Pix Podcast seeks to highlight independent and obscure horror cinema, and create an inclusive space for creators and fans to interact.

Hosts Craig Draheim, Josh Lee and Kyle Hintz met as graduate students pursuing their MFAs in Screenwriting at the David Lynch Graduate School of the Cinematic Arts at Maharishi University of Management, and they bonded over their love of horror cinema. In 2019, they set out to form their own production company and podcast to focus on indie horror. Thus, Bloodhound Pix was born.

Be sure to tune in the first and third weeks of the month for new episodes of THE BLOODHOUND PIX PODCAST on the Morbidly Beautiful Network. 

Bloodhound Pix is comprised of: Craig Draheim, Josh Lee, and Kyle Hintz. If you love this episode, be sure to head here to catch up on past episodes. You can also find this incredible weekly podcast on all major podcasting platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Be sure to follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also support them at Patreon
Bloodhound Pix is produced by Craig Draheim, Josh Lee, and Kyle Hintz. Music by Raymond Seed. Editing by Kyle Hintz.

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