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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

On the first live action Campfire chat, Rick and Nik get camera ready to discuss episodes 5 and 6 of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” season 2.


Join filmmakers Richard Tanner and Nik Uttam as they look back fondly on every episode of the hit 90’s show from Nickelodeon that influenced so many young horror fans: ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?

Richard Tanner is an award-winning writer, director, and regular Morbidly Beautiful contributor. He is also the owner of A Buck Short Productions. Nik Uttam is a filmmaker and podcaster that has seen every movie from the 80s…twice. He is an editor and cinematographer who started the company Reel Independent Productions to get a better reach into the horror world.

Follow Rick and Nik every Thursday right here on as they join The Midnight Society for thrills and chills that will warm your heart and make your blood run cold!

Episode 14: The Tale of the Dream Machine and The Tale of the Dark Dragon (32 min)



Can you see us!  Oh my god! We finally got through!  That’s right!!! Welcome to the first visual episode of The Campfire where we talk about episodes 5 and 6 of ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? Season 2.

In The Tale of the Dream Machine (original air date: July 17th, 1993), Sean and Billy find an old typewriter that has a strange ability to influence the future.

Rick talks about reading the articles for Playboy and spits out his love for Stephen King.

In The Tale of the Dark Dragon (original air date: July 24th, 1993), a teenager with an injured leg visits a magician for a potion that will make him confident and popular.

Richard and Nik worry about their new found time limit and make some weird segways!  I’m sure it all works out.

Join us on this episode to see our beautiful faces, catch our cool collections and talk a lot about Playboy!

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